What is TrustFax?

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Internet faxing has become the most commonly used method when it comes to sending and receiving faxes. The advantages of online faxing are so obvious that more and more people lose their old fax machines and switch to web faxing.

Main benefits of online faxing

  • One of the biggest advantages of online faxing is that it reduces your costs considerably. How is that possible? Online faxing doesn’t require paper and fax machines. And while you only pay for your fax machine once, you always have to stock up on paper, which is a constant expense
  • Online faxing also has another big advantage over traditional faxing: flexibility. Being Internet-based, you can send and receive faxes from anywhere in the world where there’s an internet connection. Which pretty much means…anywhere in the world. Everything is software-based, so you are not tied down to your fax machine
  • If you care about the environment even a little, you should be pleased to know that Internet faxing is more eco-friendly than traditional faxing. No more paper means fewer trees being cut for making paper
  • Another advantage of online faxing services is the fact that most of them also offer mobile apps, which means you can send faxes straight from your smartphone

What is TrustFax?

TrustFax is an online faxing service developed by Data On Call. TrustFax is currently owned by J2 Global Communications. J2 is an American technology company based in California. It provides Internet and communication services and was founded in 1995.

Because it is cloud-based, TrustFax doesn’t require any hardware and you don’t have to download and install any programs either. You don’t eat up any memory on your device, because everything is stored online.

TrustFax features

TrustFax is very straightforward and easy to use. You have to choose a subscription plan and setup an account in order to be able to send/receive faxes. The entire process is fast and simple and there are no hidden fees. You can also try the service for 30 days, thanks to the free trial included with TrustFax.

Everything is done through e-mail and all you have to do is create the account and login with your username and password.

TrustFax has some useful features, some of which are not available with other online faxing services. For instance, TrustFax allows international faxing.

When you subscribe to a plan, you get a personal fax number and get to choose a local number (anywhere in the 50 states) or a toll free one.

TrustFax lets you receive faxes on this number from anywhere in the world, but the bad news is that the number is not portable. What that means is that you can only use the number as long as you are a TrustFax customer. If you cancel your subscription, you can’t use the number anymore.

Another drawback of TrustFax is that it doesn’t have a mobile app.

Here are some of the features you get with TrustFax:

  • Digitized signatures, which you can add to your fax
  • The ability to send international faxes to more than 200 destinations worldwide
  • Multiple files supported: JPG, PDF, GIF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, TIF, SNP, PNG
  • Password protection for your faxes
  • 30 days of free storage for your faxes


TrustFax has a simple pricing scheme. You only get one plan and it is $12.99/month. In that amount you get 300 free inbound or outbound pages/month. The pages are free only for the United States. As for international faxes, you have to contact TrustFax to find out the prices.

If you exceed that number of pages, you have to pay 10 cents/page for additional pages.

While TrustFax is not the most affordable online faxing service on the market and it does have some shortcomings such as the lack of a mobile app, it is still a reliable choice. It is secure, easy to use and includes some really useful features.

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