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What is TrustFax? Features and benefits

Tamara Avatar By: Tamara | Last updated March 15, 2019

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Fax, short for facsimile, has long been used for business transactions, from all scales of companies, for a long time already. Faxing is very convenient for sending official documents, both confidential and not to long distances. They are official and usable for official transactions.

With e-mail and the internet, however, things have changed for the said technology. Nowadays, a hybrid of both fax and the e-mail is already in use by most companies. This is called online faxing.

It combines all the convenience and use of both e-mails and fax and maximizes the potential of both. A good example of this technology is TrustFax.

What is TrustFax?

TrustFax uses this technology to make business transactions smoother and faster for both the sending and receiving parties. This removes common problems with fax machines like maintenance costs and user unfriendliness. With TrustFax, documents are digitized, therefore, making the process faster.

What sets it apart from other online faxes?

What truly sets it apart from other faxes is its capability to let users sign their documents online. By using a software tool, users may E-Sign documents, making things move faster. Aside from this, TrustFax also has a user interface that is simple and user-friendly, a big contrast from all the technicalities of a physical fax machine.

It is easy to send and receive faxes as users can send up to five documents at once to one recipient. The storage for these documents is also free and unlimited all throughout your use of their services. You can send faxes to an unlimited amount of recipients, and you can receive them yourself for 6 accounts maximum. They allow 300 fax pages for every month.


For a full month, TrustFax offers their services for $12.99. For a full year, however, users spend more with only $10.83 per month. Users are also offered a 30-day free trial period to see the application’s full capabilities and functions.

TrustFax also allows you to have a blocked and allowed list of numbers. You will not be charged for calls from blocked numbers.

TrustFax prides itself with its customer reviews complimenting its reliable and fast services. It is a must-have for all online faxes, and TrustFax does its job fantastically.

Customer service for this service is reliable and informed. They are available from Monday to Friday. Customer service representatives have knowledge about their own technology. The fact that they use human representatives is definitely a big plus as it separates the company from ones that use automated responses that mostly do not answer customer questions.

Who is it recommended for?

TrustFax is mainly recommended for small businesses. The needs for faxing for these are usually small, therefore within the 300 page limit.

Overall, TrustFax is a good online faxing service that specializes in transactions for small businesses. The main feature of it that separates it from its competition is its online signature function that allows users to make transactions faster and more securely. Its unlimited online storage is also a big plus for it. TrustFax doesn’t currently offer mobile versions for its application.

J2 Global Communications owns TrustFax, along with, eFax, Send2Fax, jConnect, RapidFax, SmartFax, and MyFax.