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What is Sfax and is their digital fax service good?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated February 17, 2021

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You must send a fax over the internet, but you are not completely sure about the procedure or the way to do that. Internet fax is a simple way to send and receive faxes online. You need to choose a fax service provider and get insight into their features and pricing plans. 

You get your own fax number which you will utilize simply like any fax number. You don’t need to bother with an extra telephone line for this administration to send web fax since everything is done on the web. This sort of administration is extremely helpful, quick, and offers more security, many faxes can be sent and received simultaneously, there are no bustling signs, and it is accessible any place you have access to the web.

Who makes Sfax?

Sfax is one of the most recognizable trademarks held by J2 Global. The company is based in LA, California, founded in 1995, and its main industries are related to Cloud Computing, Digital Media, and the Internet. One of their main principles is sustainability which is especially important for both their clients and the company itself. 

Sfax is a cloud-based fax service helping you to transfer your documents safely and electronically all around the globe. Since Sfax is HIPPA compliant, their clients can be sure that their sensitive data will be secure. This is specially related to health information and obligatory for both Sfax and their associates.

Features of sFax

Sfax features are closely related to cutting down your time for better efficiency and accessibility. By using their services, you will:

  • Speed up fax procedure
  • Keep the privacy at a high level
  • Forget about printing and manual signatures
  • Have remote access wherever you are


Since Sfax is a cloud-based fax service specialized for health care documentation, the company invested in strong encryption, HIPPA and GLBA compliances. When it comes to HIPPA compliance features, take a look at the following list:

  • Security – protect your company with administrative and technical security including HIPPA and BAA. Both compliances will protect your company and your business partners throughout your exchange of private documents. 
  • Encryption – Sfax cloud-based system is using 256-bit TLS and 256-bit AES encryption that will protect the sensitive data from any third parties.
  • Authentication – These days there is never enough protection while online. That is the reason Sfax ensured a two-factor authentication system, for both password and PIN. You will also get IP restricted access. 
  • Physical security – With a secure connection, huge databases, and servers you will be secured and optimized. 

When it comes to features you will get within Sfax plans, here is the comprehensive list:

  • Unlimited ports – Great for flow networking and undisturbed signal. 
  • Admin controls – Only an administrator can manage security settings and access. This feature is applicable for profile updates, account management, generating reports, and security and IP settings.
  • Print to fax – No matter if you are using Windows or Mac OS, you can easily edit your fax and sign. Just one click and your fax are ready to be sent and delivered.
  • Activity tracking and audit – the best feature to be compliant with HIPPA restrictions is to have access and to be informed of every action that might occur on each document.
  • Digital signature – Updated feature for modern times. Get rid of all endless papyrology, sign and send each document online.
  • CRM – With this optimized feature, it has never been easier to track all your contacts and folders in one place.
  • Mobile app – In addition, you can use Sfax almost anywhere you have a stable internet connection, you can also download the Sfax app on Apple Store.  
  • Download service – You do not have to double-check anymore. All your faxes and documents will be downloaded on your PC, cloud, or server for additional security.
  • Fax API – Sfax Restful API will be in charge of complete data compliance between the Sfax app and the Sfax server you are using. 

Sfax is giving its users an updated version of online and cloud-based faxing. Committed to data protection, optimized server, and mobile app, you can save precious time and be on track with your records. The only thing that should be considered is that Sfax app is available only for iOS users. Hopefully, the company will expand its offer and make it available for Android users as well. 

For basic features along with pricing plans, read the full text below.

How much does sFax cost?

Sfax offers both monthly and annual billing. The pricing plans and features that come along stay the same, but if you choose the annual billing you get one month for free. 

When it comes to pricing plans, look at what they are offering:

  1. Standard plan for $29/month – 350 pages per month, custom cover pages, 1-year storage, and toll-free number.
  2. Plus plan for $49/month – 700 pages per month, BAA available, 1-year storage, and toll-free number.
  3. Contender plan for $99/ month – 1,500 pages per month, Download service feature, API feature, and BAA available.
  4. Enterprise plan – you can mix different customized solutions to get a fixed price. 2,500 pages per month, Download service, API feature, and BAA available.

Sfax is dedicated to contributing better and more favorable options for small businesses and enterprises. If you are interested in purchasing Sfax for your business, these are the benefits you will get:

  • Lower costs because you can choose between different plans and their features. 
  • Improved IT sector because your administration will be in one place and tracking activity will be at a higher level and much faster.
  • HIPPA compliances will be tracked and synced at any time. Not just between your employees, but also between your clients. 
  • CRM will be optimized for faster communication within the company, but also with your clients. Faster and improved communication will keep your clients satisfied. At the same time, you will have more time to gain new clients and expand your business.

Sfax offers a 14-days free trial period. You can sign up no matter which plans you are considering. Customer support is available during business days. On their official website, you can also find a direct customer support number or use an online form to submit your request. Social networks are also available if you want direct contact. 

Final thoughts on sFax

Times are changing and business owners are faced with some crucial changes. Everyone wants the job to be done faster and with good quality. Is there a way to keep your business trends and habits and simultaneously increase sales and save precious time? With Sfax your tasks will be advanced and accelerated. 

Not only that, but the whole scope of the job will also be HIPPA compliant, so you do not have to worry about government and administration procedures. 

Above all, top-level encryption within internal and external communication is guaranteed. You oversee every access, and you get to choose who has the access to the cloud service. 

All the above-mentioned features will gain you:

  • Reputation
  • Trust
  • Higher productivity
  • Business recovery