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What are the features of TrustFax?

Kelly Avatar By: Kelly | Last updated February 14, 2019

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Faxing is not dead, it’s just been improved. In such a connected, Internet-based world, where everything is done online, it was just a matter of time until faxing would follow the trend and upgrade to a newer, better technology. Online faxing has successfully replaced traditional faxing and gave birth to a whole new industry: that of Internet-based faxing services.

Online faxing and email can work hand in hand. You can send messages to your email account and vice versa, you can fax your emails.

There are several ways you can send a fax over the Internet: using your online fax service provider’s website (which means you don’t have to download any software), using a desktop or a mobile app, or via email, to an address that has the recipient’s number.

Messages can be received either through standard fax machines or virtual ones.

Advantages of online faxing

There are several advantages online faxing has over traditional faxing. The fact that it doesn’t necessarily require a fax machine and paper is the biggest one. That means a reduced cost for you and it is also responsible towards the environment.

Flexibility is another big advantage with online faxing. You no longer have to be at the office or in a specific place, to be able to send a fax. You can send and receive faxes from anywhere as long as you’ve got an Internet connection.

Some online faxing services also have mobile apps, which is another plus.

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What are the most important features of TrustFax?

TrustFax is an online fax service run by J2 Global. J2 Global is an American tech company based in Los Angeles. It was founded in 1995 and in addition to TrustFax, it also owns a lot of other brands such as MyFax, eFax, eVoice, MetroFax, Send2Fax, and more.

TrustFax is a user-friendly Internet-based fax service, but not the most affordable one you can find.

TrustFax is simple and easy to set up and does come with some special features such as international faxing and digitized signatures. The TrustFax interface is not the most attractive. It looks a bit outdated, but at least is straightforward.


When it comes to cost, TrustFax is a bit more expensive than its competition. It only offers one available plan that costs $13. This plan comes with 300 free combined pages. If you choose to pay in advance for an entire year, you get 2 free months.

Normally, TrustFax will store your faxes for 30 days and then require you to delete them or pay for them ($0.03/message/month). However, if you prepay for a whole year, you get 365 days of stored faxes instead of the standard 30.

The international faxing feature that we’ve mentioned above is not included in the plan. You have to pay for it separately.

When you subscribe for TrustFax you get a toll free number or a local one, as long as it’s from one of the 50 states. While you can receive faxes on this number from anywhere in the world, unfortunately, you can’t port the number. The number will only be available to you as long as you are using the TrustFax services.

Is TrustFax secure?

One of the most common worries associated with online faxing is whether it is secure enough, given that it is Internet based.

TrustFax won’t disappoint you when it comes to security. When you send a fax via email, you also get password protection. You choose a password and you have to type it in the Subject field of the email, before you send the fax via email.

When it comes to supported files, TrustFax supports Word, Excel, HTML, PowerPoint, JPG, PDF, TIF, GIF, PNG, SNP.

You can send faxes directly from the MS Office interface, if you are using a certain MS Office program.

Another noteworthy feature included with TrustFax is the digital signature, which means you can use the fax as a legal document, as long as it is signed.

You’ll be also pleased to know that TrustFax is a very reliable fax service and has no reported downtimes.

Unfortunately, TrustFax doesn’t have any mobile apps, which is definitely a drawback compared to its major competitors.

All in all, TrustFax is a both simple and simplistic online fax service. It is easy to use, reliable, secure, but lacks some important features such as a mobile app or the ability to port the number. It is also a bit pricy compared to other internet-based fax services.

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