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RingCentral Digital Fax Review

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated April 18, 2021

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Nowadays, online faxing is used by more offices rather than the traditional fax machine. No one can blame them, too, as the service is readily available for most. This is mainly because of its internet connectivity. With most offices having internet connection along with laptops and tablets for this, more users can use the service. Aside from this, online faxing puts more security and encryption for the documents you send. This is because the documents you send through the traditional fax run the risk of being read by another user on the opposite end which lessens its privacy.

Who is RingCentral?

RingCentral is a company that was founded back in 2009. Aside from online faxing, they are also a known company for VoIP technology which allows cross-platform calls through the internet. To complete their products for office communication, they have also developed the RingCentral Fax which is among the best services currently available. This can be seen with the various features it has, its innovative interface, and the security it provides. In this article, we go deep in these various factors which make the product a very popular choice for both big businesses and home offices.

How to use Ringcentral?

One of the main features which makes transitioning to their service easier is number porting. Through this, users can use their old faxing numbers so that they can keep their old contacts. Users can choose a vanity number, a toll-free number, or their local phone number. Toll-free numbers come with a $30 setup fee. The company is very friendly in guiding their users through this process to make it easier. 

How's their user interface?

The interface for RingCentral is one of its highlights. It is especially friendly for users who have also subscribed to the VoIP service of RingCentral. The desktop application of the service has a menu which contains all of the important features arranged in a streamlined way for easy viewing. Most users will instantly be familiar with the service because of its easy set-up. On the menu, users can see all of the faxes which have been sent and received. These can be seen with specific information such as the time of sending, its date, and the fax number of the sender or receiver.

It also includes a list of those that failed to be delivered. Aside from this, the contacts can also be seen here.

Sending a digital fax

The sending process for RingCentral is very easy. Users simply need to enter the number of the person or select their contact entry. After this, they will be given 14 options for the cover page language. They can also schedule the sending of the fax which is a very important tool. In our testing we found that their product was one of the easiest to use when we did our full Ringcentral review

Ringcentral mobile app

RingCentral Fax also has a mobile application. This version of their interface may be confusing for some because of its promotions of its VoIP service if you currently do not subscribe to it. 

Aside from this, the application is helpful for viewing the faxes that you have received. From here, users can also receive notifications about their fax through e-mail or through SMS.

Ringcentral supported file formats

RingCentral supports up to 40 file formats which is more than enough for users as it includes common ones such as PDF, JPEG, and GIF. These files can be integrated with cloud storage applications such as Box and Google Drive. It can also be connected with OneDrive and Evernote. These cloud integrations make it easier to transfer your documents through your online storage.


One of the features that is sometimes not available for some VoIP services is HIPAA-compliance. This is very important if your business will be handling medical documents as utmost security must be given for these. Fortunately, RingCentral is HIPAA compliant as long as the business is willing to sign a BAA.

Aside from this, they also have good encryption for the documents you send to ensure that it will not be readable for non-affiliated third parties. The connection used whenever sending your documents is fully encrypted to ensure that it will not be hacked. The documents you also currently have will not be accessed by anyone unless they have your password.

Ringcentral Features

The service has two plans for faxing, each with their own number of faxing pages. The latter option gives users access to their VoIP communication service which allows unlimited messages, calls, and even conference calling. They can also have team messaging, file sharing, video meetings, and screen sharing through this. This is for those who want a complete communication package for their office.

One feature that was missing from the service is digital signatures. This allows users to upload a copy of their signature digitally and then imprint it into their documents without having to print, scan, and upload it manually. This may be a dealbreaker for some.

Customer service

RingCentral has a very responsive customer support which may be because of their extensive range of services which includes VoIP. They have a chatbot which can help you fix common issues which can be chatted 24/7. You can also choose to connect to a live chat agent if your inquiries are more specific. They are responsive and have informative answers to your questions. Aside from this, users can also submit an online ticket which will be responded to within a day or a couple. Aside from this, the service also has an online manual where they can watch video tutorials and read guides about how to use the online faxing service.

Should you try RingCentral?

RingCentral Fax is a very solid option because of its range of features, its reliability, and their interface. The convenience it provides with its user-friendly desktop interface along with having an application makes it easy to fax and read them wherever you are. Aside from this, the service also has a security and encryption which can ensure that your documents will only be read by your intended recipient. It is also very easy to transition with their service given the wide range of numbers to be used. Lastly, the service is compatible with most document types and has integration to common office cloud applications. Ringcentral was our number one choice to buy for its combination of features, value, and security.

RingCentral Fax is a very recommendable option which has almost all of the needed features in an online faxing service. It can also be connected to the VoIP service of RingCentral in case you need a complete office communication service. The service has a lot of features in its applications which can make the process of sending, receiving, and managing your faxes easier. The service is also compatible with a lot of file formats to make it easier to fax.


  • Has a very simple and accessible design for its interface
  • Has a mobile application for both Android and iOS
  • Filled with a lot of features
  • Can be accessed along with RingCentral’s VoIP tool
  • Can support a lot of files formats
  • Is HIPAA-compliant and has secure encryption
  • Has responsive customer support


  • Does not have a digital signature feature
  • Users may be confused with the VoIP integrations in the application