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Nextiva vFax Overview – Is it a good service to consider?

Tamara Avatar By: Tamara | Last updated April 21, 2019

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Nextiva is already known for being a good service provider for VoIP which is a necessary part nowadays for offices. Because of this, they have expanded their service to also include online faxing by creating Nextiva vFax.


Nextiva vFax presents itself through an interface that runs on the NextOS communications platform which is also used for its VoIP service. From here on we can already see some minor setbacks. For starters, it might be a little confusing for those who may want to access the main web portal as it is named while will only lead you to a billing management console.

From here on, you are given the chance to be able to search for faxes, adjust fax settings, update your profile, and the likes. This is a good function, however, the graphic design and simplicity of these icons are overshadowed by the text-heavy design of the rest of the service. It also runs on Flash which is now automatically disabled by most browsers that now prefer to avoid this application.


Nextiva vFax has everything that is expected from an online fax service. However, it manages to add additional touches that may actually do a lot to improve office performance.

An example of this is allowing you to be able to use a lot of file formats whenever sending faxes. You are able to use RTF, printer formats (PS, EPS, PCL), Microsoft Office, image file types (GIF, TIFF, JPEG, PNG), TXT, and PDF. This makes it easy for most to be able to adjust their file formats to fit whatever has the best quality whenever sending faxes.

Upon receiving your fax, you are also given the option to resize it, download it, and generally do a lot of features that you may want. This is a helpful feature that makes it easier for you to be able to edit your fax instantly.  

Sending faxes

Sending faxes while using Nestiva vFax is quite easy. You will only need to know the number of the person you’re trying to reach, add a “1” before the number, and then send it to This user-friendliness makes your task easier. It is one of the expected features of an online-based fax system.

There were no delays when we tested using the fax service. There was also no degradation in terms of quality, the faxes being the same as they were when they were sent. What makes it even more convenient is the fact that you can use your current fax number when transitioning to their service meaning that old contacts with other companies won’t need to be updated.

Overall impressions

Nextiva vFax is a good online faxing service that is perfect for those who want very simple features and dependable quality. It falls a bit short in terms of interface and website design but manages to redeem itself because of its reliable faxing quality. Overall, Nextiva vFax is a recommendable online faxing service.