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Nextiva vFax features and benefits

Hailey Avatar By: Hailey | Last updated April 21, 2019

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Online fax applications are now a necessity in the office. Document sharing is better done in this format and may even be more quickly transferred while being faxed. Nextiva, although known as a VoIP service, created a separate system for online faxing called Nextiva vFax, which is a virtual faxing system.


The pricing for Nextiva vFax is in the mid-tier. For 500 pages, $4.95 is charged if you’ll subscribe for a year. $8.95 is billed if you will only buy it for a month. This is a good price for an online faxing service.

Sending faxes

Sending faxes is quite easy with Nextiva. You will just need to ask for the outbound fax number, add a “1” before this number, and then add “ by the end. It is every easy and fast to use.

Four icons will be shown featuring Contacts, Call, Chat, and Call History.

With incoming faxes, you will be given the chance to choose up to five e-mail addresses from which the notification will be sent. You can also choose to either send the fax as a PDF or not at all. Nextiva vFax allows you to save to Cloud.

You are also able to do simple edits to the fax when sent to you. You can rotate it, download it, print, forward it, and many more. This gives you more freedom in viewing your files.            

Creating an account for Nextiva is also easy. You can start one and be ready to use the application in minutes. You can also pick your own number that will be using a local code.


Nextiva vFax’s interface is built simple, with its buttons easy to understand and read by the users. It is also light on the eyes, with its colors primarily being color neutral.

In terms of file format support, Nextiva vFax is able to use RTF, Microsoft Office, printer formats (PCL, PS, EPS), image file types (PNG, JPEG, TIFF, GIF), PDF, and TXT. This makes it convenient for you to easily switch through different formats to fit whatever has the best quality.

Nextiva allows users to use their current fax number which will make it easier to transition into an electronic fax system for older offices. It is also always open and operational meaning that there will be no busy lines whenever someone will send a fax over to you.

Another great feature of Nextiva vFax is allowing you to be able to receive or send faxes through your mobile phone. This is because it is much more convenient as we tend to always carry them around.

Overall impression

Nextiva vFax has lots of features that are best used for small to medium-sized businesses. It has all the basics of virtual faxing along with some more. It is also sold at a relatively cheap price. Its interface is easy to understand and its integration to mobile makes it much more convenient to use.