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HelloFax Online Fax Service Review

Tamara Avatar By: Tamara | Last updated April 1, 2019

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As the rise of e-mail and online services came, faxing slowly became a thing of the past. It is often considered old technology and it’s gradually become replaced by scanners and the use of the internet.

This is why its latest entrance to the office market is through online faxing services. One of these is HelloFax.


HelloFax is an online faxing service that offers services for casual users, home offices, professionals, small businesses, and even enterprises. The price for home office is 99.99$ per year, 199.99$ for home offices, and 399.99$ for small businesses.

These prices are determined by the number of fax pages allowed and team members (users of the application). Their pricing offers are best determined by their limits, which can be seen on their website.


Being an online faxing service, HelloFax offers international coverage for sending emails. They can reach up to 70+ countries which is extremely helpful for those that deal with a lot of foreign customers. The quality of the fax is retained without regard for the distance of sending.

The team size for each payment plan depends upon its price. Home office allows up to five people. The professional plan allows up to ten people. Small business can have up to twenty people.

HelloFax allows users to store their data to online services like Google Drive, Evernote, One Drive, Drop Box, and others. This is available even for its free version. This is extremely useful for offices and groups of professionals operating only through the internet.

Incoming faxes can also be received through your e-mail, with notifications of new ones being available if allowed by the user. You can prioritize contacts. This is a good function for those who regularly receive a lot of e-mails every day. Your credentials for logging in can also be linked to your Google account. This will help those that have problems with memorizing passwords.

Electronic signatures are also available. This will help those who will otherwise need to print files manually and then scan them again in order to be sent. This will help lessen the sending and receiving time for both parties.

Adding additional users for your plan is also hassle free. There is no additional fee for either removing or adding new people in your team, as long as it is within the limits of your payment plan.

Free plan

For those who may want to try their service, HelloFax offers a free plan. This only allows up to one person. He/she can only send up to five faxes without having the ability to receive them. They are, however, entitled to other features like international coverage, e-mail to fax, and the likes.


With its flexible payment plans and abundance of features, HelloFax proves itself to be a good online fax service. Faxing may be a slowly dying communication form but its integration to the internet may make it last longer. By being available to be sent through e-mails, online faxing services may just be a needed part of an office in the future.