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eFax Features – Should you opt for this online fax service?

Cristina Avatar By: Cristina | Last updated November 22, 2019

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Faxing is always a routine, if not a daily task for offices. However, it may be too inconvenient and expensive for users to buy fax machines. The reason why is because they are expensive, they take a lot to configure, and sometimes require too many repairs. You must always wait for confirmation whenever going with the traditional method, too, to certifie that their copy is legible.

Online faxing lets you avoid having to deal with the traditional machine altogether. These internet services are capable of integrating everything online, with faxes sent and received through your e-mail. This modern way has a modern web portal along with mobile apps to make the process faster. Most of them have a web interface that is easily accessible and minimalist. 


eFax is an online faxing service that puts all of the faxing work online. By prioritizing minimalist features and a straightforward approach to faxing, this is one of the best on the internet faxing market. eFax offers the following features for its users:

  1. Mobile integration – To fully maximize the convenience of its users, eFax is integrated into your mobile phone. It is currently available for both iPhone and Android. This means that you can both send and receive faxes through your mobile phone. To send one, simply take a photo of the document. This will then be edited as to have higher quality. After that, you simply click the “Send” button. 
  2. Digital signature – Sending your faxes may require you to sign the document for authentication. While this can be done manually, having a digital signature can make the process easier. You can simply put your digital signature and apply it to your documents through your device instead of having to scan and print it. Simply drag the signature and place it on the document. 
  3. File sharing – eFax doesn’t limit you when it comes to sending faxes. You can use it to send large files that you cannot send through e-mail due to size limitations. It can help you with your advertisements, sales presentations, and anything with high image resolution. You can also send faxes to up to 5 different email addresses.
  4. E-mail sending – With eFax, you only need to know the faxing number of the recipient. Simply add “” at the and of it. This allows you to do cross-platform emailing (from online to traditional). It also allows you to be able to send faxes as long as you have access to the internet.
  5. Storage of faxes – Your faxes are arranged in a neat online inventory that constantly updates you of your emails. From here, you can browse through faxes and even search for specific ones. Your access to this storage is for forever. It also automatically saves the faxes you send.
  6. Enhanced security – Faxes must always be kept private. This is because most of them contain sensitive information that must not be read by just anyone. eFax has a secure website that is encrypted to avoid anyone from being able to hack it. 
  7. Fax previewing – Given that you would not be using an actual fax, previewing the document is also important. Instead of having to wait for a confirmation from the recipient that the document is readable, you can instead have a preview of the fax yourself through the devices you used for sending it. This can be done through your computer or your mobile phone. 
  8. More coverage – eFax has a wide coverage for its faxing. It is available for 3,500 cities located in 46 countries. This gives you more support, regardless of where you are currently located.
  9. 24/7 live support – Any technical issues that may be faced when using it must be handled immediately. The reason why is to avoid any loss of income or idle business transactions. This lets you get help at any time. 
  10. Local and toll-free numbers for faxing – You can choose to get either a local or a toll-free fax number for your faxing. 
  11. Address book – eFax has an address book for you to easily look for the contacts you want to send your faxes to.
  12. Easy website interface – Given that the majority of the faxing you will do will be online, eFax developed a website that is easily accessible for the majority. Its features can easily be spotted at first glance and its design is modern.