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Best Online Fax Services On The Market

Kelly Avatar By: Kelly | Last updated September 30, 2019

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Faxing can now be done easier. Rather than using traditional fax, online faxes use the internet and its protocols to send faxes. They have a lot of benefits for both the receiver and sender which makes them a good choice for most business. 

Benefits of Online Faxes

There are a lot of benefits with using online faxes. Some of these include:

Fewer costs – The main benefit of using online faxes is the large cut in terms of budget. Because using these services allows you to avoid buying an actual fax machine, you can use gadgets that you already use for a variety for reasons to send and receive faxes. For example, office necessities such as computers, scanners, and the internet are mostly what online faxes need.

An important benefit is the lack of a need for a separate charge for a telephone connection as only an internet connection is needed. This removes the need for additional payments for long-distance transmissions. The reception is also more reliable. 

Variety of formats – Because the files are transferred and made in computers and phones, there are a variety of file formats available. You can send faxes in TIFF and PDF along with other formats depending on the needed quality and size. 

More convenience for users – There is no need to deal with the traditional fax machine anymore that is prone to having malfunctions and is more expensive. You can also make, send, and receive faxes wherever you are as long as you have an internet connection and an available gadget. 

Best Online Faxes

  1. RingCentral Fax

RingCentral Fax is the best choice for us. This is because it offers a lot of features for a good price. Its quality is proven with RingCentral’s business communication service that is good for telephony. 

For starters, RingCentral allows its users to have a large storage. The limit for this is 200 pages and 20 MB which is huge if you will only be sending documents. There is also an unlimited number of recipients where you can send your documents for a single message. Fax to fax email is limited to 25 email address and inbound ones are limited up to 30 email addresses. 

You can also use the service for up to 30 days to see if you would want to subscribe. 

Overall, the service can give you a local number for up to 49 states. 

RingCentral can use most types of files including pdf, PSD, XML, RTF, jpg, jpeg, png, gif, tiff, PCX, and others. You can also send using the Microsoft Office application. It has a cloud integration including Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive. 

It has an application that can be used for desktop and mobile gadgets. It can also be used in tablets. 

  1. HelloFax

HelloFax has a free plan where you can test its features. The standout features of the application include its lifetime fax storage and its reliable security for your data. 

HelloFax has an available free service where users can send up to five pages per month. While you cannot receive faxes through this, it is still a good sign that HelloFax is confident enough in their features. 

Once bought, you can use HelloFax to send and receive faxes for both local and international areas. Still, it has an additional cost depending upon the area where you will send a page so take note of that before signing up for their services. It has an integration to Google which allows you to use your Google account username and password for signing in. 

HelloFax can be used both through its website and through e-mail. It also has a Chrome Extension for those who want to use their Google Account. Businesses can also use custom integrations for an additional fee. 

  1. TrustFax 

TrustFax is known for its simple features and its straightforward features. It has a permanent uptime which makes it good for business. One of its standard features is its digital signatures which you can copy to any file which you will send. 

All of TrustFax’s data and procedures travels around a cloud-based service. This means that there is no need to download and update any application like with other services. All of the files that you will receive are converted to PDF. It also has international faxing.

You can choose a number for up to 50 states. There are no additional charges for receiving faxes internationally. This number cannot be ported to any other service, though, which may make it hard to cancel the subscription to their service.

A large number of file formats including PDF, SNP, HTML, PNG, GIF, and JPG can be sent. 

All of its processes can be done through its web interface. It currently does not offer a mobile application. However, you can link it to your Microsoft Office application for you to directly send faxes through it. 

  1. Sfax

Sfax is a unique service that is recommended for healthcare-related companies. It is directly targeted towards these as seen with their features and their price. 

They offer a free trial that lasts for two weeks which covers all of their business plans. 

The highlight of this service is its security features. Because they are catered towards healthcare organizations, the privacy of customers is a priority. This is why they are the only HIPAA-compliant fax company. This is to guarantee the highest level of confidentiality with public health information. 

Given its features, it is best for common businesses not dealing with healthcare information to avoid this one because of its high prices.

  1. MyFax

MyFax is known for having unlimited storage where faxes can be sent. Its customer service is also available 24/7 which is a priority for some businesses to avoid problems during office hours. It also has one of the most modern user interfaces for online faxes. It has a 30-day free trial where you can try its lowest-price plan. 

It has both a web interface and a mobile app for maximum convenience. You can send faxes up to 50 recipients together. It is available for up to 40 countries outside North America.