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Best Online Fax Service To Consider

Tamara Avatar By: Tamara | Last updated May 10, 2019

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As traditional faxing is slowly dying in the business setting, online faxing slowly takes its place. This is because it integrates the office tool to the internet. This allows easier processing and sending of information between two parties. It is also faster and less costly.

We reviewed popular online fax products while taking into consideration several factors such as functions, quality of work, and cost. Our analysis ended with the best online fax product being MetroFax.


MetroFax features a user interface that is visually pleasing and simple at the same time. With a portal that features all of the main buttons for faxing and important information, the service does not waste essential office time with too much screen clutter. You can also add tags for each fax that makes it easier for you to navigate through them.

Sending and receiving faxes with MetroFax is fast and simple. Using the “Websend” function allows you to send your fax through a website browser. You can also enter data manually and select from your contacts. You will select the country of choice, the recipients (up to 50), a cover page, the documents to be attached, and the quality. All necessary information for faxing is simply designed for you to select from. 

To send the fax, you will need to input the 10-digit phone number along with at the end. You can choose your preferred file formats for receiving, including PDF and TIFF. Up to five email accounts can be linked. Files can be converted to JPEG, PDF, Microsoft Office Files, and others.

You can use their services from your phone (both Android and iOS are supported). Notifications will instantly show up on your screen. You can also send faxes from your phone in case it will be more convenient. The layout for their mobile version is also simple and designed to be understood at first glance. You can either send the files inside your phone or through cloud applications like Dropbox and Google Drive. You can also see your collection of faxes and add a digital signature to your fax.

Overall impressions

What makes MetroFax unique from the rest is its office-friendly design and its functionality. The application and the service can be understood in one sitting. Its wide range of support for file formats makes it easy for customers to send their faxes to a variety of receivers. Browsing through faxes is also made easier because of its tagging tool.

The service is also affordable. It starts at $7.95 per month with its essential plan. Its pricing tiers depend upon the maximum amount of faxes you can send. MetroFax is exclusively for online faxes which may be a reason why its interface is incredibly simple and easy to use. In comparison to services like Nextiva and RingCentral which usually include tons of features that may make it harder to navigate through the application, MetroFax felt like a big relief because of its simplicity and functionality.