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Best online fax service to consider this year

Matt Avatar By: Matt | Last updated July 1, 2019

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No one can question the benefits of internet faxing, also called e-faxing, digital faxing, online faxing and so on. Regardless of the name you are using for it, the technology is the same. Online faxing allows you to send/receive faxes with the help of the internet instead of regular telephony. Switching to internet faxing comes with plenty of benefits:

  • Your costs will be significantly reduced, both in terms of monthly fees, hardware and maintenance; the beauty of internet faxing is that you don’t even need a fax machine in order to use this technology
  • Online faxing will give you more flexibility, as you can use it from anywhere in the world where there’s a reliable internet connection
  • Online faxing is better for the environment than regular faxing, because it is a paperless technology; that means fewer trees that have to be sacrificed for paper needs
  • Internet faxing helps you save a lot of space, because you don’t have to store bulky fax machines, tons of papers, files and so on

There are a lot of great online faxing services available nowadays. Some of them even offer free packages, although they are usually limited in the number of fax pages you can send. But even so, if you just need a one-time online faxing service, they can be of great help. Other services offer free trials, which is a good way to test a service before subscribing to a paid plan. Most of these services also include mobile apps, because they are essential in this day and age, when we use our smartphones for almost everything.

Which is the best online fax service to consider?

After a thorough research, analysis and countless comparisons, we picked RingCentral as the best online fax service. This service is affordable, rich in features and has a mobile app.

What is the pricing of RingCentral?

RingCentral is a subscription-based cloud fax service. It offers 4 plans and all of them come with a free trial.  

The most affordable plan is FAX 750. This plan starts from $12.99/month and inlcudes 750 free pages per month. Additional pages will cost you 5.9 cents per page.

The next option is FAX 1500. This plan is priced at $17.99/month and includes 1500 free pages monthly. The price for additional pages is lower, 4.9 cents/page.

Another plan offered by RingCentral is FAX 2500. This plan starts from $49.99/month and includes 2500 free minutes. Additional pages are charged 3.9 cents per page.

The most premium option is FAX UNLIMITED. This plan currently has a better price than FAX 2500. It starts from $39.99/month but the price can go up depending on your needs. You have to contact RingCentral’s sales team to get a customized offer. With this plan you benefit from unlimited pages.

You can also buy 800 and vanity numbers for a $30 one-time fee.

What are the features of RingCentral?

All the plans offered by RingCentral include a shared fax number, except for FAX UNLIMITED, which includes 2.

All plans include the option to send/receive faxes either on your computer or using their mobile app.

You get cloud integrations with all plans: Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Microsoft Outlook.

RingCentral offers web support with all 4 plans and phone support with all the plans, except the most basic one (FAX 750).

The most expensive plan (Unlimited) also offers user settings access for additional lines.

Another feature included is receiving fax alerts through text messages directly on your phone.

RingCentral operates in 49 states and the district of Columbia.

There is a limit of pages you can send in a single fax, but it is a very generous one and anyone should do just fine with it. The limit is 200 pages (20 MB) per fax.

All the common file formats are supported: PDF, RTF, TXT, XML, JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG and more.