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Best 5 free online fax services you can use right now

Tamara Avatar By: Tamara | Last updated August 29, 2019

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The advantages of switching to online faxing services is indisputable: they are more secure, cheaper, more accessible and convenient, easier to use and environmentally friendly. But what is even better than using an online fax service? Well, using one for free.

The market is flooded with Internet fax providers, but most of them will cost you a monthly fee. However, there are some decent, free online faxing services out there, too. The only problem with them is that there will be limitations in the number of faxes you can receive or send, the available countries and so on. But then again, if you don’t need to fax documents on a regular basis and you just need a fax once, you might benefit from reading this article.

Here are 5 of the best free online faxing services:

  1. MyFax Free. Also comes with a free plan that allows you to send maximum 2 faxes/day, in more than 40 countries worldwide. You can also use the service with your smartphone and there are several supported files: PowerPoint, MS Word, Microsoft Excel.
  2. FaxZero. This service allows you to send up to 5 faxes/day but there is also a limit of pages, 3 to be more specific. Another inconvenient is the fact that this free plan comes with advertising, too. Other than that, it is a reliable service and you can use it without creating an account. If you feel you need more, you can always upgrade to one of their paid plans for more benefits
  3. GotFreeFax. This is another great and free of charge option. It allows you to send only 2 faxes/day, no longer than 3 pages each. The good news is there are no ads, the bad news is that it only works for US and Canada
  4. HelloFax is a good service for those who don’t need a fax on a constant basis. If you only have to send some faxes once, this service can be a reliable option. HelloFax allows you to send up to 5 free faxes without charging you. The nice thing about it is that it lets you send faxes to international numbers, too, in more than 70 countries worldwide, if you have a Google Drive account or a Hotmail one. You can also add digital signatures to your faxes
  5. PamFax. This service allows you to send 3 free pages, if you sign up. There are no annoying ads or credit card requirements and you can send and receive faxes from Google Drive, Box, Dropbox and more. You also get a free fax number for one month.

There are also other providers who offer free benefits, but they are in the form of a 30 days trial. Among them we can mention:

eFax – 30 day free trial (you can add digital signatures, convert documents to PDF, use cloud based storage, send and receive faxes from your smartphone and more)

Send2Fax – 30 day free trial (doesn’t offer cloud storage though)

Fax to Email (from MaxEmail) - 30 day free trial (only available in specific locations from US; you can find them out by entering your area code; doesn’t offer cloud storage, but you can receive voicemail messages).