Zander Identity Theft Protection Service Overview

By: Matt | Last updated May 10, 2019
zander identity theft protection service overview thief coming out of laptop to steal wallet with money

The integration of our personal data and information online is inevitable as more and more of our lives are lived on the internet. Some of the most common information we share are our names, our addresses, and even our credit card information. Although this is convenient most of the times, it can also be a huge disadvantage for us. This is because it also makes it easier for hackers to be able to use our accounts for identity theft and for malicious practices.

Just in 2017 alone, more than a hundred million Americans had a breach of personal data. Once a hacker breaches your defenses, you can be a victim of identity theft. They can use your information for doing malicious activities online included those held in secret chat rooms and the dark web. Aside from this, they can also steal money, your social security number, medical records, and other vital information.

Zander is known as one of the most reputable identity theft protection services online. Partner this with their low prices and they prove themselves to be solid among the top. They offer services in order to help customers prevent having their identities stolen online.


  • Monitoring and alerting

This part is very important for you to be able to actively keep track of anything in relation to your identity. By subscribing to their services, you are given constant monitoring and alerting from their side. Any bank account changes and any new accounts made under your name will instantly result in a notification.

  • Recovery and funds

In the case of actual identity theft, Zander will be responsible for actions in relation to restoring it. They are a certified Recovery Specialist. They also offer insurance amounting up to a million dollars for all the necessary paper works and expenses that you may suffer from after being stolen from. Identity thefts include tax fraud, criminal fraud, medical theft, social security fraud, and other types. This ensures users that they will be protected from almost all cases of identity theft.

  • Reliable customer service

Any malicious activity done under your name must immediately be taken care of. This is why their customer service is available all the time throughout the year. This is because identity theft should be considered an emergency and a quick call to them may verify anything malicious in your account. Any concerns in relation to technical aspects and payment can also be settled immediately.

  • Family friendly

Aside from protecting yourself and a partner, you can also protect your children. This is because their information can easily be hacked when they are online. They have flexible paying plans that allow you to pay for a whole family.


Zander Identity Theft Protection Services is one of the most affordable on the market. A monthly charge of $6.75 is for those pursuing their individual plan. Yearly plans for individuals are priced at $75. A monthly charge of $12.90 is for those pursuing their family plan. The yearly charge for the family plan is $145. These prices are some of the lowest in the market considering that their family plan can include your spouse along with your children.


Zander Identity Theft Protection Services boasts a recommendation from Dave Ramsey, a known TV personality and businessman. This makes it easier for users to believe their product, as services like these are not very known publicly.

Aside from this, their low prices also make them an easy choice. Identity theft protection services are not a priority for some because of their high costs and the fact that you can manually monitor your account to prevent cases like this. Their low costs may successfully encourage those who may want additional protection for themselves.

Their reimbursement for those suffering from damages after an identity theft also helps build customer trust. A million dollars makes users feel more secure and insured whenever using their service. Aside from this, 36 months of follow-up service will also be allotted for users to have their cases resolved.


Some of the common negatives in relation to the service is their lack of a mobile application. This is present in most other services. This is an important function that allows users to be notified easier in the case of malicious activity in their account. There is also no credit monitoring, which is also a part of other services.

By: Matt | Last updated May 10, 2019