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Which are the best ID theft protection services to consider?

Tamara Avatar By: Tamara | Last updated August 15, 2019

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The internet has brought a lot of opportunities and has managed to connect people all over the world, regardless of their location. Most of our time is spent online, whether we are paying our bills, chatting, watching movies, listening to music, conducting businesses, working and so on. However, our massive presence in the cyber-world doesn’t go unnoticed and more often than we realize it, our identity is exposed and vulnerable.

ID theft can do a lot of harm and leave you with an empty bank account, stolen credit card details and so on. That is why it is of paramount importance to protect your identity and online data on a 24/7 basis. And the best way to do that is by monitoring everything with the use of an ID theft protection service. Here are two of the best ID theft protection services on the market right now:

Identity Guard

Intersections Inc., the company that offers this ID theft protection service, is based in Delaware and has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Identity Guard now offers a very smart and complex service based on Artificial Intelligence. Identity Guard uses IBM’s Watson software to quickly and continuously monitor and process billions of pieces of information related to your name and data.   

You will get alerts and notifications in case of any changes and suspicious activities related to your ID: bank account takeovers, 3-bureau credit changes, tax fraud, wire transfers, utility service applications and more.

Another useful feature included with Identity Guard is dark web monitoring. The dark web is browsed to find out whether your information (social security number, your credit card numbers and so on) appears on any websites. This service also offers a mobile app that works with iOS and Android devices.

How much does it cost?

Identity Guard offers both Individual and Family plans.

There are 3 subscriptions available for each of the two: Value, Total and Premier.

Individual plans

Value: it is billed at $8.99/month

Total: it costs $19.99/month

Premier: it is billed at $24.99/month.

Family plans

Value: it is priced at $14.99/month

Total: it is priced at $29.99/month

Premier: it is priced at $34.99/month

Identity Force

Identity Force is another reputable ID theft protection service offered by an American company based in Massachusetts. Identity Force offers several types of monitoring services: credit report monitoring, court record monitoring, fraud monitoring, payday loan monitoring, ID monitoring. This company is also rated with an A+ by the Better Business Bureau.

How much does it cost?

Identity Force has two plans: Ultra Secure and Ultra Secure + Credit. The latter also includes 3-cureau credit monitoring and 3-bureau credit reports and scores.

Ultra Secure starts at $17.95 per month or $179.50 per year. With this plan, Identity Force includes:

  • personal information and public records monitoring
  • instant alerts including bank and credit card activity ones
  • 24/7 restoration services
  • $1 million insurance policy

Ultra Secure + Credit is billed at $23.95 per month or $239.50 per year. This plan includes:

  • All the benefits in the Ultra Secure plan
  • Daily 3-bureau credit monitoring
  • 3-bureau credit reports and scores
  • A credit simulator
  • A monthly score tracker