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What Is the Identity Guard Family Plan? – Pricing, features and more

Tamara Avatar By: Tamara | Last updated April 23, 2019

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In this digital age, a lot of our time is spent online. Here, we naturally put a lot of our information for us to be easily identified in websites that we trust and use. This includes our credit information, our name, and even our addresses. This is our online identity. However, other websites can use our information for malicious actions without our consent. It can be used for the misuse of identity, fraud, phishing scams, and the likes. Because of this possibility, online identity protection services came to existence. One of them is Identity Guard.

Family plans

Definition of membership

Different types of membership in these plans tell us about their duties while availing the services of Identity Guard.

  • Primary Member – This is the member of the household who will be responsible for paying the monthly membership fee. He/she is also the one who will invite other members of the family to be included in the plan.
  • Added member – They are the members who will be invited by the primary member. They will not pay for the service as they are already part of a plan paid by the primary member.

Terms for Added Members and Children

It is quite easy to avail for the services of Identity Guard for both the Primary Member and the Added Members. The primary members only need to activate their Couple Plan or Family Plan by clicking an activation link which will be sent to their email. For the Added Members to be added on this plan, they will need to click the same link which will be sent by the Primary Member from his/her email. It should be noted, though, that only the Added Members must accomplish this task.

A function called the kID Sure Child Monitoring will be available for who will avail for either the Family Plan or Parent & Child Plan. This will allow them to be able to see where their children are through the online member area.

Activation of Additional Members and Terms of Service

Added Members are allowed to activate their Identity Guard accounts as long as the Primary Member still avails for the service. They will not be allowed to activate, though, if the Primary Member cancels their subscription. If an Added Member cancels availing Identity Guard’s services while the Primary Member still avails for the service, the fee for payment will be reduced.

Original Fee for Subscription with Added Members (Monthly)

Reduced Fee after Cancellation of Added Member (Monthly)

Family Plan - $27.99

Primary Member w/ Children - $26.99

Couple Plan - $26.99

Individual  - $16.99


The fees will be different if the added member will experience a service interruption that will last longer than 30 days. The fees will be as follows:

Original Fee for Subscription with Added Members (Monthly)

Reduced Fee after Service Interruption for Added Member (Monthly)

Family Plan - $27.99

Primary Member w/ Children - $22.99

Couple Plan - $26.99

Individual  - $16.99


Billing is suspended altogether if the service interruption will also be experienced by the Primary Member given that it lasts up to 30 days. Monthly fee will still be collected though, by option of Identity Guard, if the service interruption is resolved.

Added members cancel their activation of the services by calling 1-800-452-2541. Primary Members can also cancel their membership by calling the number.

kID Sure® Child Monitoring Activation for the Family Plan

kID Sure Child Monitoring can be activated by the Primary Member. Minor Child activations and Any Added Members’ activation will be cancelled if the Primary Members cancel their membership. If the Added Member doesn’t enroll within 90 days of the Primary Member’s subscription or cancels their activation after enrolling, the plan will have a reduced price of $22.99 charged monthly.

Added functions for Family Plan Membership

IBM Watson ® Artificial Intelligence:

IBM Watson ® Artificial Intelligence is a program that continuously monitors and processes information online. It will tell you about threats for your identity that makes you able to prevent them. This makes it easier to avoid these websites altogether.

Risk Management Score:

This tells you about the risks of your online activities. Your score determines how easily your identity may be leaked by your actions. This helps you be able to watch your activities better.

Dark Web Monitoring

Out of all the places on the internet, the Dark Web is the one that must be avoided. It can, after all, be able to get your credit card number, financial account numbers, your SSN, health insurance number, address, and name.

Child Identity Protection

One of the main reasons for availing Identity Guard’s family protection is for you to be able to protect children’s identity to be shared online. The application will notify you in the case your children’s identity is seen in secret chat rooms, underground forums, and black market websites.

Additional Membership Features

Social Security Number Monitoring

Your Social Security Number is one of the most important information that must be protected online. Its presence in dark web, secret chat rooms, databases and the likes will make the program alert you. This enables you to be able to protect your information further.

3-Bureau Credit Score Checking

You will be given an update of your credit scores from three credit bureaus including Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion every three months. This allows you to be able see malicious activity done to your credit. It can show you potential mistakes and/or identity theft. This instantly alarms you to be able to take necessary action.

$1 Million Insurance for Identity Theft

For those who will suffer losses due to identity theft, Identity Guard will offer a $1 Million insurance. This will depend upon the severity of the losses. This may include fees that may occur from losing days off work, application fees, attorney fees, and certified mailings. This is a good function that allows you to trust their services even more.

Account Takeover Alert

You will be instantly notified if identity thieves take over your financial accounts. This may prompt you to instantly change your personal account information in banks and creditors. This allows you to prevent harm from the activities of these thieves.

ID Verification Alerts

Every new update of your current accounts including bank passwords, changes of addresses, application of credit cards, cell phones, and the likes will give notifications to you. You will then need to confirm if these activities are genuine. This allows you to be able to review activities done under your identity and to instantly report any suspicious activity done under your name.