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What is Identity Guard?

Tamara Avatar By: Tamara | Last updated October 24, 2020

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Identity theft is a serious crime that is rampant nowadays especially because of the internet. It is the act of using someone’s identity to steal money from them, do crimes under their name, or even commit fraudulent medical claims. Without the person’s knowledge, they may already have criminal charges made against them.

Identity Guard

Identity Guard is an identity theft protection service that will help you keep your identity secure. This is ensured through constant notifications, risk warnings, and setting watchlists. They can also help you restore your identity in case you become a victim of identity theft.

IBM Watson with Identity Guard

One of the highlights of Identity Guard is their use of IBM Watson technology. This is a computer system that is capable of looking around the internet for information. With Identity Guard, this can be used to look at how your identity may possibly be compromised. It can look through the deepest parts of the web as this is usually where most illegal transactions involving identity are committed. According to their website, they have used this technology to help over 47 million identities be secure using efficient security technology and guidance.


  • Identity Theft Scanning – This is the main feature of Identity Guard. It can scan the internet thoroughly for any websites or persons that are using your personal data. What makes this especially accurate is its use of IBM Watson technology. Even the Dark web which is a place on the internet that cannot be normally reached with an unencrypted connection can be scanned by IBM Watson.
  • Instant notifications – Once it detects a malicious activity that involves your identity, you will be immediately notified. This lets you check if this is really your action or if it is another person trying to steal your identity. This also lets you report the case to the police for immediate action.
  • Recovery Insurance – In case you become a victim of identity theft, Identity Guard can help you recover by helping you secure your data again. They also have an allotted budget of $1 million for insurance.
  • 3-credit score reporting – You can use Identity Guard to see your current credit scores in the 3 major credit bureaus: Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian. It will also tell you about its current rating (from Very Weak to Excellent) along with the factors that may influence it.
  • Family monitoring – Identity Guard can be used to look at the current condition of your family’s identity security online.
  • Safe browsing extension – It can also be used as an extension on your internet browsers. This can guide you while you are browsing to ensure that your identity will not be leaked while online.
  • Mobile application – To make identity security handier, Identity Guard has an available mobile application. From here, you can see all of your credit scores from the three major bureaus.

Any suspicious activity related to your identity can also be seen from here. Aside from these, you can have additional guidance in maintaining your identity and credit secure online. They also constantly update users with the latest news regarding identity theft. We do an in depth review of Identity Guard with Watson and have given them a very high ranking. Their technology and features really set them apart when comparing against other companies to protect your identity online.