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What are the Family plans offered by Identity Guard?

Hailey Avatar By: Hailey | Last updated June 12, 2021

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Identity Guard is a very reputable identity theft protection service with more than 47 protected IDs so far. This service boasts on having solved over 140,000 ID theft cases until now and the number keeps growing.

The company that created the service is Intersections Inc. (it rebranded in 2019 to Aura) has more than 20 years of experience in offering identity theft protection. It has impressive ratings from both customers, Tom’s Guide, NextAdvisor, the Better Business Bureau (A+) and others.

Identity Guard is a comprehensive service that offers ID theft protection for both individuals and families.

What are the plans offered by Identity Guard?

Identity Guard has 3 plans: Value, Total and Premier. When you opt for a one of these plans, you can choose between individual protection and family protection, which has its own offers.

Then there is also another choice to be made: whether to opt for monthly or annual billing. With annual billing you’ll obviously be able to save more money (17%).

Here are the individual plans and their costs, with both annual billing and monthly billing:

Annual billing

Value: $7.50 per month

Total: $16.67 per month

Premier: $20.83 per month

Monthly billing

Value - $8.99 per month

Total: $19.99 per month

Premier: $24.99 per month

Family plans offered by Identity Guard

In order to benefit from any of Identity Guard’s offers, you have to first opt for one of the Individual plans we gave you above. Once you’ve chosen one, you can add more people. There are several options to consider:

Couple Plan – this plan covers 2 adults

Parent and children – it protects an adult and all the minors in the home

Family plan – this plan protects 2 adults and all the minor children in the family

Here are the Family plans and their cost, with annual and monthly billing:

Annual billing

Value: $12.50 per month

Total: $25 per month

Premier: $29.17 per month

Monthly billing

Value - $14.99 per month

Total: $29.99 per month

Premier: $34.99 per month

What are the features included with the Family plans?

Each Family plan (Value, Total, Premier) comes with its own benefits.

The Value family plan, which is the most affordable one you can opt for, includes features such as:

  • Dark Web monitoring
  • ID theft protection with the help of IBM Watson AI (artificial intelligence)
  • Risk management score
  • ID protection for your children

The Total plan includes features such as:

  • All the features in the Value plan
  • 3-bureau credit monitoring
  • Checking and savings account applications (you will be immediately notified if someone tries to open a checking/savings account using your name or the name of one of the people protected by the Family plan)

The Premier plan is the most complex one and includes features such as:

  • All the features in the Total plan
  • Annual 3-bureau credit report
  • Monthly Vantage 3.0 credit score
  • Social Insights Report (this feature analyzes your presence on the social media networks and if it can lead to having your identity stolen)

Identity Guard offers mobile support as well. It has an app that is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. The app offers anti-phishing protection, Dark Web alerts, risk management score, credit monitoring alerts and more.

There is also an extension for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, which blocks tracking cookies, malvertisements, Flash and more.

Another strength of Identity Guard is its partnership with IBM Watson AI, a very complex software with artificial intelligence programming. Watson is extremely effective at protection your identity because it can scan and process billions of bits of data in just seconds. The software protects you against all types of threats, from phishing attempts to malware and so on. Watson monitors your data on a 24/7 basis and alerts you immediately in case it finds anything suspicious related to your personal information, such as tax fraud, bank account takeovers (name, address, e-mail changes, requests for opening new bank accounts using your personal info), 3-bureau credit changes (new credit inquiries, new accounts, new public records, etc.), wire transfers, utility service applications, payday loan applications and more.

Identity Guard insurance

Identity Guard offers $1 million insurance with stolen funds reimbursement. Should the worst happen and your identity gets stolen, you will be assigned a US-based case manager that will dedicate to your specific case and will help you restore your identity, step by step. The ID theft insurance offered by Identity Guard will help you pay for legal fees and other expenses related to recovering your identity.

After your identity is restored, Identity Guard will continue to monitor your case for 2 more months, to make sure you are safe and back on your feet.

Identity Guard offers customer support by email or phone and their reply time for emails is usually up to 48 hours in the worst case. Live chat support is not an option yet.  

Why should you use an identity theft protection service?

Identity theft protection services can’t prevent ID theft from occurring, but they can minimize the damage by alerting you in time to take the proper measures, such as freeze your credit and so on. And even though you can monitor all your data by yourself, doing it effectively and on a 24/7 basis is exhausting if not impossible. That is why an ID theft protection service can be very useful because it does all the work for you at an affordable price.