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Review of Identity Guard and what features do they offer?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated February 11, 2021

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Identity theft is a tremendous and a developing issue, with more colossal data encroaching leading to stolen funds, buying and selling of information. Identity fraud cases have risen of late with the victims reportedly losing millions. For instance, not less than 15 million identity theft cases were reported in the US in 2016 alone, with the victims allegedly losing more than 16 billion.  

For that reason, you should always aim at protecting your online financial activities from cybercriminals as much as possible. Identity Guard is one of the best identity theft protection and monitoring services that will save you from being a victim. The providers proactively monitor dubious movement, and help with recouping in case you're a victim of data breach that results in identity fraud. 

Who Makes Identity Guard?

Identity Guard is made by Intersection Inc., a company founded in 1996. However, the identity guard idea came later in 2001. Since the time it was established, this Virginia based organization has been driving the charge in handling the developing issue of burglary. 

The organization is known to be creative and as of now apply the best innovation to outsmart criminals. This is on the ground that crooks are continually improving and finding better approaches to access your delicate and private online money related data. 

Since the Identity Guard company is situated in the United States, the organization is dependent upon Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, and 14 Eyes, the worldwide surveillance alliance. This implies, in specific situations, they could be lawfully compelled to hand over client vital information. 

Nonetheless, that ought not to turn you off on the grounds that the company has been on the top-notch when it comes to financial identity protection. Truth be told, the organization has ensured over 47 million identities in just 2 decades. How they accomplish such a record owes to the organization one of a kind features and services. This article is based on our test and it expounds on the extraordinary features you are set to appreciate with the Identity Guard Protection.

What is an Identity Guard?

Identity Guard is a provider that protects you from identity theft by monitoring your credit from every one of the three credit-reporting agencies and giving alerts. The agencies include, Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. 

Identity theft occurs when your personal information is used without your consent. Common cases include using your name, social security number, your address, credit card, or medical insurance number to obtain money or services in your name. 

Identity Guard is famous for its association with IBM Watson, which provides a computerized intelligence to monitor a large number of articles and social media posts on a daily basis to detect threats. In addition, the provider includes safe browsing tools to give you security when shopping, banking, or settling your bills online.

What Makes Identity Guard a Leader in Their Industry?

What makes Identity Guard triumph in the industry is that it utilizes IBM Watson technology. Its association with Watson gives it some intriguing quality assurance capabilities. In any case, Watson's smart computing can predict which computerized propensity can make individuals vulnerable to burglary and utilize that ability to identify the hoodlums. 

Watson likewise scans news articles and web-based media posts then conveys alerts to individuals in case a new phishing scam assaults their banks or credit cards.

Identity Guard offers three identity protection plans that utilize Watson technology. These plans include a savvy Value subscription with essential monitoring and recuperation, a total plan with three-bureau credit monitoring, and an Ultra plan with social media reporting capabilities.

Value plan: The identity Guard IBM Watson artificial intelligence flashes the dark web thereby providing browsing tools that protect you while banking, shopping, or paying bills online. Besides, you also get a US-based dedicated case manager, an online identity dashboard, and a risk management score.

Total plan: The total plan offers all the services that you will benefit from a value plan plus a more improved assurance against data fraud. The additional services include a monthly credit score and a three-bureau credit monitoring. Not to forget tax fraud alerts, bank account takeover, and much more.

Ultra plan: Ultra Plan Identity Guard's is the most vigorous plan, giving all the advantages of the other plans in addition to three-bureau credit monitoring and social media activity reports.

Classic plan: Moreover, Identity guard likewise offers classic plans that are not associated with Watson. This service doesn’t give a similar degree of powerful monitoring or identity recovery. With that being clarified, when buying Identity Guard, it is prudent to choose the "with Watson" alternative.

Does Identity Guard Have Apps for iPhone and Android? What are their Reviews?

Additionally, the company offers an anti-phishing mobile application that can recognize and impede phishing sites on Chrome, Samsung, and Dolphin web. As indicated by the organization surveys, once you create an account and install the application, it opens up promptly for use. 

The app can be used with financial accounts to aid secure banking, shopping and paying bills. It gives information on credit score, when a new activity is detected and many other alerts. I have been using this application for ten months and it really works admirably in securing my financial activities online. 

Be that as it may, it is inclined to bombing according to most client reviews. Several users complain of the application not being viable with their gadgets even when they are sure it is a secure device. In the event of an error or shaky device alert, contact the organization support team for help. 

Is Identity Guard a Legit Program?- Final Conclusion/Summary

With its Total and Ultra plan, Identity Guard offers features similar to other providers. However, its superiority owes to its powerful artificial intelligence system to scan for threats thanks to its association with IBM Watson. Watson's innovation empowers it to scan millions of articles and discover threats quicker than other providers.

With that said, purchasing an Identity guard guarantees you:

  • Risk management reports with details on the vulnerability.
  • Safe browsing tools that ensure secure browsing by recording information about the website visited on a member's site profile.
  • Monthly credit score based on TransUnion data with the Total and Ulta plan.
  • Notifications on address changes.
  • Tax refund alert that helps you find out if your social security number has been used to file a fraudulent tax refund. 
  • Credit monitoring and reports from the three-bureau credit monitoring i.e Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion.
  • Social media reports on identity theft risks.
  • Identity Guard app that enables you to access alerts, credit scores, and other information within the palm of your hand.
  • The fastest threat monitoring and detection on the Dark web thanks to IBM Watson's artificial intelligence technologies.

Notwithstanding all the administrations you are set to appreciate, Identity Guard is financially savvy, considerably more than the majority of its rivals. The charges start at $8.99 a month which covers one individual, and 14.99 for families. The Total plan offers $19.99 a month for an adult and $29.99 for families. Finally, you will get the chance to enjoy the fabulous Ultra plan at $29.99 a month as an individual or $39.99 every month with your families. Yet, you may pick to pay annually to spare a 17% discount. 

Much more, you are guaranteed a 30 day trial with a refund for an annual subscription. The refund is only effective when you unsubscribe within the 30 days of trial. 

To crown it all, the organization has brilliant client assistance. The support team is accessible via telephone from to Monday to Friday and to on Saturdays. Even better, they likewise react to email requests in less than 48 hours.