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Identity theft protection services – How to choose the best one

Kurtis Avatar By: Kurtis | Last updated February 14, 2019

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Identity theft is no longer a movie subject, especially in this cyber era we live in. Having your ID stolen is a real danger to consider and it is no picnic! Millions and millions of citizens become victims of ID theft in US alone, every year.

What is ID theft and why does it happen?

ID theft can happen in several ways and for several reasons. You can have your SSN (social security number) stolen, you can lose your social security card, your credit cards, etc. Your personal info can be used for several purposes: so that the thief can open credit card accounts in your name, buy things using your credit cards, empty your bank account and more.

Simple citizens are not the only target. Hackers also target companies. If you’ve ever watched the news, you’ve most likely heard about data breaches in different companies. They happen all the time, and no one is discriminated. Millions of accounts hacked, personal info of the employees stolen and so on.

Are identity theft protection services any good?

Okay, so you too are susceptible to becoming and ID theft victim. But are ID theft protection services worth all the hype? Should you invest your money in such a service, can they really help you and if so, how exactly? Well, to be perfectly honest, no service can really protect you from ID theft. They can however, monitor and alert you in case of any strange activity regarding your accounts, credit reports and so on. This way, maybe you are able to minimize the damages and cut your losses. While they can’t actually prevent someone from stealing your data/money, they can notify you when that happens and maybe help you take the necessary measures before it is too late.

ID theft protection companies are a good investment if you are too lazy or busy to regularly monitor your credit report yourself. They are also useful if you are already a victim of ID theft, because they can offer you recovery services and help you reclaim your identity. And they are also useful if you know you are vulnerable any might become an ID theft. For instance, if you work in a company that just had a major data breach and you know you are now exposed too.

What to look for when choosing an ID theft protection company

The market is flooded with ID theft protection companies that boast on being the best at monitoring your credit and protecting your ID. The irony is that a lot of them just want to take your money, but they just do it in a more subtle way, disguised as ‘services’. Here are some factors to consider when browsing for a reliable, trust-worthy ID theft protection service:

  • Research is the best starting point, so you should do some detective work before signing up for anything. Do your homework and read as many user reviews on the company. Do a screening based on experience on the market, rating and the quality of their customer support. Choose a company that is reputable, compare several services to see which one is a better bargain and make sure you read about the guarantees they include. Their privacy policy should provide thorough information on their services, potential limitations and so on. Analyzing the company’s website can offer you a lot of useful info, too. If you see a lot of unrealistic claims on their site on how they can ‘protect you 100% from ID theft’, click away. You should know by now that no company can truthfully guarantee that. If they don’t offer enough info on their background, you should also browse away
  • Don’t forget to find out how they collect and control your personal info. Make sure they don’t share it with other companies
  • The company should be very transparent when it comes to its pricing, fees, limitations, guarantees and so on. Make sure you always read the small printing and check for hidden fees and so on

Here are some of the best ID theft protection services you can sign up for:

Identity Guard: it is reasonably priced, offers $1 million ID theft insurance regarding of the plan you choose.

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Identity Force: Offers a lot of useful tools for credit monitoring, it has an A+ rating with the BBB and has 2 available plans.

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LifeLock: offers black market website surveillance for more than 10,000 sites, mobile support and has 3 pricing plans.

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