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ID Watchdog – What are its features?

Kurtis Avatar By: Kurtis | Last updated December 13, 2019

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Identity thefts are becoming a surprisingly common internet crime. It occurs when your personal information or credit details are stolen and used for a purpose you are not informed about. Without your knowledge, someone may already be using your name for buying stuff and for committing crimes. 

What is ID Watchdog?

ID Watchdog is an identity monitoring service. It is capable of searching online for your personal information which may be linked to cases of fraud and/or identity theft. It can also help you in recovering after an identity theft occurrence. The service is owned by Equifax. 


ID Watchdog offers a lot of features that can help you monitor your identity online. Whenever it spots any suspicious activities linked to your personal information, it will automatically send you alerts. 

Personal information monitoring

ID Watchdog continuously monitors your personal information and the way it is used on the internet. Included in this monitoring activity are your social security number, your credit information, and your loans. This information will be traced on the internet. It can also be scanned on the Dark Web in case your information is been traded with shady figures. 

Aside from these features, ID Watchdog also checks your credit scores for the three major credit bureaus: Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian. This gives you a better idea of whether you can be granted a loan or not. ID Watchdog can also monitor the National Provider Identifiers or NPI, which is for healthcare providers. 


ID Watchdog immediately alerts you in case of having your information stolen from you. This lets you immediately act on the activity and gives you a heads-up to immediately report the crime to the police. 

Aside from this, you can also get alerts when any person listed on the sex offender registry moves into your neighborhood. 

You can customize the alerts based on your preference. You can choose four different ways for the notifications to be sent to you including phone calls, emails, texts and push notifications.

Recovery process

One of the main benefits of using ID Watchdog is that it also helps you with the recovery process, in case your ID gets stolen. This is a crucial benefit that is often left out from other services that only focus on monitoring and alerting. ID Watchdog is very helpful in terms of helping you recover in case of identity theft. 

It offers a $1 million insurance coverage that is available for emergency support services. 

Price and Additional Features

ID Watchdog’s features and services are accessible and convenient to its users. The service is currently offering 2 plans, namely the ID Watchdog Platinum Plan and the ID Watchdog Plus Plan. The only difference between the two is an additional $5 for the Platinum plan. The following are the features of the two plans:

  1. ID Watchdog Plus
  • Basic identity monitoring – This is used for seeing basic information such as your name and address
  • Advanced identity monitoring – This is best for more advanced information such as credit information and such
  • Dark Web monitoring -This is especially handy as not everyone has access to the Dark Web and it is where illegal activities are usually committed
  • Customizable alerts – You can choose between four types of alerts including texts, emails, push notifications, and phone calls
  • Resolution for identity theft incidents – Instead of only offering monitoring features, ID Watchdog also has a resolution for identity theft incidents. They are currently offering up to $1 million for coverage
  • National provider identifier alerts – The information is for healthcare providers 
  1. ID Watchdog Platinum
  • All the features included with ID Watchdog Plus plan along with credit score reports

The ID Watchdog Plus Plan is priced at $14.95 per month. It can also be paid annually for $149.95 per year. 

The ID Watchdog Platinum Plan is priced at $19.95 per month. It can also be paid annually for $219.00 per year.