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How much do you have to pay for Zander Identity Theft Protection?

Kurtis Avatar By: Kurtis | Last updated December 13, 2019

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Zander is an affordable ID theft protection service offered by a company based in Nashville. Zander Insurance Group offers various services such as identity theft protection, health insurance, auto insurance, disability insurance, long-term care and more. The company has an experience of approximately 100 years in the industry.

What is the price of the Zander Identity Theft Protection Service?

The identity theft protection offered by Zander is available with two types of plans: an Individual plan and a Family plan.


The Individual plan is billed $6.75 per month and $75 per year.

The Family plan is billed $12.90 per month and $145 per year.

The family plan offers protection for the children in the family as well, at no additional cost. For a family of two that subscribes for the Family plan, Zander offers ID theft protection for up to 10 children within the household, with the condition that they have to be under the age of 18.

The first step you have to take to enroll for Zander’s ID theft protection is to fill in the form on their website. You have to provide the following: your full name, you street address, city, state and ZIP code, your email, your phone number, your birthdate and your payment details. You can opt for debit/credit or to pay with electronic checks.

The last step is to agree with their terms and privacy policy. Zander claims it doesn’t sell your information and ensures customers won’t be harrassed by aggressive marketers, with intrusive mails or calls.

What are the benefits of Zander ID theft Protection?

Zander keeps its eyes on your information on a 24/7 basis and monitors your social security number, up to 5 phone numbers, 5 medical IDs, 5 bank accounts, 6 email addresses. Zander conducts daily searches to find out whether your information is used in any suspcious ways. It looks for any changes in address, it offers social security tracing and it searches the internet for your personal information, because ID thieves oftentimes act in the cyber space.

Zander offers protection against various types of ID theft:

  • financial fraud
  • tax fraud
  • criminal ID theft
  • medical fraud
  • child ID theft
  • employment fraud
  • title fraud

What Zander doesn’t offer though is credit monitoring, so there will be no bank account/credit card account monitoring available with this service. For some people this can be a deal breaker.

In case of any suspicious activities detected by Zander, you will be immediatley alerted via email.

Restoration services

Neither Zander nor other ID theft protection services can guarantee 100% that you won’t fall victim to ID theft. Chances are indeed significantly lower when you are using a protection service, because you can be notified almost instantly if something looks wrong and take the proper measures. But even so, ID theft can still occur. That is why Zander doesn’t offer just monitoring services, but ID recovery assistance as well, in case your identity gets compromised.

Restoration benefits included with Zander ID theft protection

In case you need to recover your ID, Zander will assign one of their certified agents to assist you through the entire restoration process and beyond. That agent will keep monitoring your case for 36 months after your ID has been restored.

In case of an ID theft, customer support is offered 24/7, 365 days a year and the certified agent will notify the 3 credit bureaus, the government agencies, the IRS, medical institutions and so on.

There is also a $1 million insurance offered by Zander for recovery. That amount is pretty much within the industry standards and the money will be used for any expenses related to ID restoration: legal fees, credit freeze fees, any travel expenses that may occur, filing fees, ordering medical records, child/elderly care and so on.

Zander also offers lost wallet protection. That means that if you get your wallet stolen (or you lose it), Zander will help you cancel or reissue the documents that were lost/stolen, such as: your ID card, your credit card/s, social security card and so on.

Why should you use an ID theft protection service?

ID theft is a frequent occurence nowadays and it has been facilitated a lot by the constant use of the internet. Internet fraud is very common and can target both regular individuals and large corporations. Your data can be hacked, whether it is through a virus that infiltrates in your system, you might open infected links or emails, your shared data can get stolen from your social media account, from a website where you shared your personal information and so on.

While it is true you can’t prevent ID theft 100% just by using an ID theft protection service, it is reassuring to know you’ve got your personal ‚watchdog’ monitoring your information on a daily basis, so that you won’t have to.

Anyone can monitor their own information, but if you want to do it effectively, that can turn into a full-time job and few have the time or determination to undertake such a tedious task.

Another benefit of ID theft protection services is the fact that they also include recovery services, if your ID gets stolen.