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How does Identity Guard work?

Kurtis Avatar By: Kurtis | Last updated April 23, 2019

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Nowadays, our data is mostly stored online. This is because most of our activities are slowly being transferred online mainly due to the ease of having it stored there. Because of this, most of it is left open and seen by others which may use it for illegal activities. Our basic information like names, address, contact numbers, and even our credit can be stolen online. This danger led to the creation of identity theft protection services.

Identity Guard protects our name, social security number, and more. They take pride in their IBM Watson ® Artificial Intelligence that always scans the internet to look for traces of our information and data. The number of their features also makes them a standout among other identity theft protection services.

Features of Identity Guard

  1. Constant scanning

Identity Guard always scans for your identity online. Although identity theft isn’t entirely preventable, you are more secure with the presence of their service. This is because their constant scanning through IBM Watson makes them powerful to search for threats online. Through the use of this technology, they are capable of scanning hidden chat rooms, the dark web, and other websites for anything that may be using your identity without your consent. This is done along with traditional monitoring.

  1. Instant alerts and notifications

The next step after scanning is for them to notify their users of anything that may put them at risk. This includes opening new bank accounts under your name and anything that may sound suspicious. These notifications are available 24/7 for you to be able to take action for anything instantly. This also enables you to be able to see any notifications through both your mobile phone and through your email.

Their alerts and notifications can be seen through three types: activity alerts, dark web alerts, and threat alerts.

Activity Alert: This tells you anything that may come at a critical risk financially. This may include changes in existing accounts. This may include changes in information like address and name for any consumer checking accounts. You will then be given the option to either confirm the action as yours or to deny it in order for you to take action instantly.

Dark Web Alert: This tells you any instance of having your credit card number be present anywhere in the dark web. This tells you exactly the parts of your card that may be exposed, may it be the number or the security code. This enables you to be aware in case any additional costs will be charged to your credit card without your consent.

Threat Alerts and News: You will be given news about anything that may affect your account. Any news of a company breaching and hacking will be instantly reported to you in order for you to be able to take immediate action. This is because big companies may have data breaches that can expose phone numbers, names, and addresses of their customers. This also enables you to instantly report anything to the authorities.

Reliable insurance

In the case of an actual identity theft, Identity Guard will still be around to help their customers. They have a $1 million insurance policy for any damages that identity theft may cause. This may include legal fees, reduced work hours, attorney fees, and others. This also comes with stolen fund reimbursement.

Family plans

Aside from giving individual plans, Identity Guard also has family plans for you to be able to protect a full household through a single payment. This is important as a single person being traced can lead to an entire family being affected as well. They have three plans for multiple people including a couple plan, a parent & children plan, and a family plan. This makes them friendly for families that may need identity theft protection services. This will also help those with tech-savvy children who may accidentally browse through websites that gather information from their users.

Family plans are priced at $27.99. Couple plans are priced at $26.99. Both are charged monthly.


The pricing for Identity Guard for a single person depends upon the functions that you can avail for each plan. It is divided to the Value Plan, Total Plan, and Premier Plan.

The Value Plan is priced at $8.99 charged monthly. The features included in this plan are the safe browsing tool, dark web monitoring, risk management report, IBM Watson ® AI, and their anti-phishing mobile plan. This is the best for those who have minimal need for security and for those who would like to spend less.

The Total Plan is priced at $19.99 charged monthly. The features included in this plan, aside from the features of the Value plan, is monthly credit scoring, address monitoring, 3-bureau credit monitoring (Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian), Tax Refund Alerts. What makes this is a good buy is their inclusion of the 3-bureau credit monitoring that allows you to have more accurate reports. This is best for those that may have more money for identity theft protection services.

The Premier Plan is priced at $24.99 charged monthly. The features included in this plan, aside from the features of the Value and the Total Plan is Credit Score and Report and Social Insight Report. This is the best for those that have more risky transactions done online and for those whose identities are usually targeted online. Having all of the features possible with Identity Guard will definitely give you a heads-up in the case of an identity theft.


IBM Watson ® Artificial Intelligence:

This artificial intelligence allows you to be able to continuously scan for your name even in the deepest parts of the internet like secret chatrooms and the dark web. This allows you to be able to scan for your name and credit information online for 24/7.

Risk Management Score:

You will be scored according to the risk of your online activities. This helps you to be able to adjust your online habits for you to prevent having a case of an identity theft.

Dark Web Monitoring

Monitoring the dark web is necessary for you to be sure that your information is not being used online. After all, it is not easily accessible by yourself. It will also put you at a risk if you manage to enter it. Having an application that can access it for you makes it easier for you to be able to scan through it without endangering yourself.

Child Identity Protection

Those availing for family plans are given child identity protection that tells you of the presence of your children’s information online.

Additional Membership Features

Social Security Number Monitoring

The presence of your social security number in some parts of the internet may put you at a lot of risk. This is why scanning it should be a priority for you.

3-Bureau Credit Score Checking

Your credit score can be checked through three bureau credits, TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax. This allows you to be able to be able to have a more comprehensive and accurate credit score report. This also allows you to be able to see any suspicious activities that may be done using your identity.