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A thorough review of Identity Guard's Plan, Pricing, and Features

Matt Avatar By: Matt | Last updated October 24, 2020

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Identity theft is a common crime that is committed online. It is the act of stealing someone’s personal information and using it without their consent. This can be done by people to commit crimes, commit financial, medical fraud, and others.

Identity Guard with watson

Identity Guard is a service that you can use to have protection against identity theft. It is equipped with features that will immediately notify you in case suspicious activities are done under your identity. It may also give you advise on your credit score. Last, it can help you see how much your identity is at risk of being leaked online.


  • Activity alerts – This is a feature that immediately alerts users in case their identity is being used online suspiciously. You can then either confirm the action to be yours or report it. This is more of a notification once your security is compromised which makes reporting it to your credit bureaus and the police the only option. Identity Guard uses quality technology to do this which makes their alerts reliable and fast.
  • Dark Web alerts – Most of the transactions involving identities online are done in the dark web. This is because it is not easily accessed unless your browsing is encrypted and if you use a TOR browser. With Identity Guard’s technology, they can access this part of the web to look for any traces of your identity. This is a handy feature that only an identity security service can give.
  • Threat alerts – This notifies users of sudden events involving stolen identities especially if a major network is involved. This lets you take action in case you are currently subscribed to the particular website which had its security compromised.
  • Risk management – This tells you about the level of security that your identity has. Identity Guard can calculate this based on certain criteria. This can tell you how likely you are to be a victim of identity fraud.
  • Safe browsing – Identity Guard has a browser extension that increases your security your online. It provides protection against mining protection, tracking, and phishing attacks. This can also block ads and flash plugins.
  • Social Insight Reports – With the service, you can look at the current status of your Facebook account and how it can improve in terms of making your identity more secure online.
  • Identity Theft Insurance – In case you will become a victim of identity theft, the service offers up to $1 million of reimbursement to help you recover.

Users can receive their notifications through email, SMS, or through the mobile application.  

User interface

Identity Guard is very easy to use. It has a responsive user interface that guides you through the process of securing your identity easily.

The first step upon subscription is to fill out a form that will ask for important information about you such as your birthday, address, billing information, social security number, and name. Take note that the information you input is guaranteed to be secure given that they use 128-bit encryption for their data.

To assess the risk of your identity even more, you can choose to answer questions related to personal information such as your current job and its field, questions about technology and internet use, and more.

Most of the interface of Identity Guard is filled with simple text and background which makes learning the application easy for everyone.

Customer Support

Identity Guard has available customer support through the phone during weekdays available 8 AM to 11 PM. For Saturdays, their hours are 9 AM to 6 PM.

You can also reach them through e-mail. They also have an FAQ in their website. Unfortunately, they do not offer a live chat support feature which is especially handy for sudden emergencies.


Identity Guard offers both individual and family plans.

Both plans offer the following features at the base plan (called Value Plan): IBM Watson Artificial Intelligence, $1 million insurance in case of identity theft along with a US-based case manager, risk management score, mobile application, and an online identity dashboard. The starting prices for this are $7.50 (individual) or $12.50 (family) paid annually.

For more features, you can buy the Total or Premier Plan.

The Total plan adds the following features: monthly credit score, 3-bureau credit changes, bank account takeovers and notifications for checking and saving accounts that use your identity. The starting prices for this are $16.67 or $25.00 paid annually.

The Premier plan adds the following features: 3-bureau credit report (Experian, Equifax, TransUnion) and Social Insight Report. The starting prices for this are $20.83 or $29.17 paid annually.