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The Credit People Review

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated August 13, 2021

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Credit score can mean a lot for people. After all, it can limit and define the boundaries of how much they can spend. It is a score that many try hard to maintain or improve to get access to better deals and purchases. However, the exact score may not always be up to your control. There is sometimes false information processed by big credit bureaus, which in turn, make your score lower. You can always manually fix this by researching information about credit scoring, contacting the bureaus, and spending way less and paying earlier. A simple way to do this, though, is to simply hire a credit improvement service. One of the most known ones is The Credit People.


The Credit People

The Credit People is a service that was founded back in 2001. It is mainly targeted towards helping people recover and raise their credit score. Completely legal, the service uses various tried-and-tested methods such as keeping track of all the records made under your account to look for false information and delete them, quickly updating your different information, and directly contacting the three major credit bureaus to fix issues. They take pride in having more than 100,000 success stories with their service. They offer two membership options.


Membership options

The membership options of the service are limited to two. First is the Monthly Membership that is priced at $19 for the initial month. The next months will be priced at $79 per month. The membership can be cancelled anytime without any hassle in case the customer is not satisfied with them.

Next is the Flat Rate Membership that allows you to purchase a plan good for 6 months. It is priced at $419. Through this, users can save $74. This is the duration of the plan as they recommend users to wait up to 6 months to see the best results from their service.

PROS of the credit people

Good pricing plans and discounts

As we can see from their plans, they offer one of the most affordable pricing plans in the credit repair industry. These also give good coverage and features that make it worthwhile to purchase. Their $19 initial fee is miles cheaper than the usual credit repair company that charges more than $50 on the average. Their other features such as starting credit reports, credit scores, and updates for credit reports are all included in their plan already and are not charged separately which can greatly lessen costs.

They also have a service discount specifically for couples. A person who initially signs up and then invites their spouse later on can have their fees reduced by $20.

The service also has a very hassle-free money-back process.

Beginner friendly

The service has abundant learning tools in their website that teaches users about managing their credit scores for the best. Here, they will be guided about how to optimize it best. They will also be familiar with different industry terms and jargons that most credit companies use. Through this, they will be better with understanding the changes in their credit scores later on when they stop using the service.

The service also has one of the best websites that we have seen. Here, users can easily understand the different pricing plans of the service, how it can help users recover from bad credit scores, and more.

Through the website, users can access the blog that is continuously updated to answer user questions and to discuss credit scores. They also have an FAQ that answers questions about payments, what affects credit scores, grace periods, and more. These are answered by industry experts who have vast experience with dealing in the credit industry. In our review of The Credit People we found that it was one of the easier programs for first time users to pick up quickly.

Good credit monitoring

Through their service, users can have unlimited updates about the condition of their credit scores. They can regularly check on any updates made by the major credit bureaus.  The website is continuously updated. The bits of text they provide you are also very comprehensive and concise for those who are always on the go. These updates include any removal of false information written under your accounts, updates about incoming credit score updates, and more. The website for this is simple yet smartly designed.


CONS of the credit people

Limited to website interface

The downside to the service is the lack of convenience whenever checking your credit scores. Users will have to log in to a computer or use their mobile’s browser to check on updates as they still do not have a dedicated mobile application.

Limited options

Although affordable, we found their pricing plans to be quite limited as there are only two. Even with this, we found the monthly plan to be good for those who want to try the service first and the six month plan to be for those who already trust the service.

Final thoughts on the credit people

The Credit People offers two pricing plans: a monthly and a 6-month membership plan. They have one of the most affordable first month fees of $19. They offer unlimited credit reports and updates.

The Credit People is a very good choice for those who want to improve their credit score. The service is filled with different features and tools for maximum knowledge and updates about credit progress. This, along with its affordable plans, make it very recommendable.


·        Very affordable pricing plans

·        Unlimited credit reports

·        Comprehensive and detailed reports


·        Does not have mobile app

·        Limited to two pricing plans