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Root Car Insurance Service Review

Matt Avatar By: Matt | Last updated October 24, 2020

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In today’s world of everyday connection, insurance clients want products that are connected to the internet, their preferred way of communication, and receiving information. And many insurers offer new digital technologies to meet the needs of today’s customers and even more. Root Cat insurance is dedicated to honoring the good driving behavior by ensuring its drivers and customers with the most favorable quotes. Root Car insurance was founded in 2015 and since then, they are developing new and efficient ways of high-level security standards for their customers.

Root App

Root Car insurance has a unique way of delivering insurance quotes for their drivers. Every new customer is obligated to download their Root App that uses your GPS to test your driving skills. The company recommends using their app for two or three weeks or even a month for the best results and the best insurance quote. The app measures several driving techniques during this period.

Root app can safely save as much as 52% on car insurance rates. The app tracks your driving habits such as hard braking, mileage, hard lap, and more, to calculate the insurance rate. You can also buy insurance, get ID cards and adjust coverage through the app. Root car insurance is available in 25 states and the company is expanding every year, providing its services to more and more customers nation-wide.

The Root app is supported by iPhones and many Android phones. You can download it in the Apple Store or Play Store or you can go to their official website, write your email and they will send you the link with the app.

What differs from Root Insurance is that the biggest factor in determining the price you pay for car insurance is your ability to drive. Not everyone can qualify for coverage, only the best drivers with good driving behavior. Quotes are not available to drivers if they do not take a test drive with the app. This way, the company offers equal rights to all its customers. The company claims its algorithms are so complex – they can determine if you are riding, are a passenger, you are walking, cycling, or even taking the subway when your app is turned on and will only use the data collected when you currently drive your car to determine your driving skills.


Root Car insurance offers three types of coverage:

Liability coverage will insure the medical injury and property damage in an accident caused by your fault.

Car coverage includes collision damage, roadside assistance, rental, comprehensive, and uninsured motorist property damage.

Medical coverage is the best solution if you want to insure you and your family members. With this coverage you will have Personal injury protection, Medical payments, and Uninsured or underinsured motorist bodily injury.


Root Car Insurance is the best way to cut your costs and save your budget for up to 52% if you prove your good driving behavior. The company has a BBB rating, their business is transparent and their app is the latest technology on the market.