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Root Car Insurance: A thorough review of the phone-based car insurance

Cristina Avatar By: Cristina | Last updated October 24, 2020

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Car insurances are a great investment that ensure that future emergencies in relation to your vehicle will be compensated. Both liability coverage and property damage are required by the law for some states. This makes it a necessity for drivers.

Root Car Insurance

Root Car Insurance is a modern take on the car insurance business. Instead of having to talk to a dealer, sign papers and wait for days to get processed, this company has simplified the whole process to be done completely through your phone.

How does it work?

To start the registration process, simply download their application either through Google Play or Apple Store. From there, you can enter your personal information (which will be kept securely).

After this, the application will start to test how well you drive on the road. According to their website, it will review the following:

  • Braking – The app will look at how gentle or hard your brakes are to ensure that you are always focused on the road.
  • Hours – The app looks at the hours when you drive. It will prefer those who drive during safe hours (avoid midnights) and those who prefer weekends.
  • Turns – Every turn you take must be slow enough to be safe.
  • Consistency – Going with a consistent speed when driving allows you to have a safer ride.

Root states that it takes all of these into consideration to see how good of a driver you are. They prefer those who drive safe. This is because those who have a higher risk will most likely receive a higher rate. Neither the company nor a customer would prefer one, which explains their strict guidelines. We do an even further in depth root car insurance review here so take a look if you are wanting to find out more information about this new service provider.


Root offers three coverages including:

  1. Liability coverage – this gives coverage for bodily injury (injury you inflict on others) and property damage (damage the property or vehicle of others) which are both required in all states.
  2. Car coverage – it includes roadside assistance, collision, comprehensive coverage, rental car compensation, and uninsured motorist property damage.
  3. Medical coverage – it includes personal injury protection, medical payments, and uninsured and underinsured motorist bodily injury.

Root offers coverage for Comprehensive, Collision, and Liability which are some of the most purchased coverages in the car insurance industry.

Root is recommended for those who want a modern approach to car insurance. Because both the customer and the company would want to avoid any vehicle-related complications, it only chooses good drivers. If you think you are qualified for this, Root is the best car insurance for you.

Other benefits of Root include the following:

  • Fast claims – Whenever you experience an event covered by your contract, reporting your claim is fast and easy. Simply take a photo through your mobile phone and send it through their application. They can process your claims within minutes after receiving it.
  • More affordable – Root simply denies drivers who have a higher risk for accidents to ensure that they can give affordable rates. Provided that you pass their driving test with flying colors, affordable rates are given to you. Their website even states that you can save up to $1,142 annually with them. Along with this, they also have a referral program that gives incentives based on how many you recommend their services to.
  • More reliable pricing model – Other car insurances have a lot of variables to consider for their pricing including your BMV record, your credit, age, nationality, and other. Root promises this with less priority as they take your driving ability as the major quantifier for their pricing.
  • Flexible pricing plans – Once you finish your test drive, you will be given a lot of options (depending on your performance) that allows flexibility in terms of pricing.
  • Minimalist and simple interface – Root has a very intuitive interface that ensures that the whole insurance process will go by easily.


The only cons to Root are:

  • Those who must drive vehicles for a living will not be given a special test drive application. They are required to have Root in the background of their phone if their trial is ongoing. This means that ambulance drivers, mail drivers, and those in similar jobs may suffer from bad scores.
  • Lack of human interaction – Those who may prefer human interact to negotiate their vehicle warranties may be disappointed with Root. Still, they offer a reliable and knowledgeable customer support which can answer specific questions from customers.