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How much money can you save with Root Car Insurance?

Tamara Avatar By: Tamara | Last updated July 22, 2020

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Root Car Insurance is usage-based vehicle insurance that measures your driving performance to calculate your final insurance rate. Their system is promoted for drivers who drive safely and for those looking for more affordable car insurance. With their purely-mobile insurance system, users can avail for their services without the need to file paperwork and to schedule a meeting with a personal agent.

Root Car Insurance was founded in 2015 by CEO Alex Timm. His main priority for creating the service is to be able to have car insurance that prioritizes a user’s performance instead of other factors like nationality, age, and the car model which traditional car insurance companies prefer. It is a must-check for those looking for convenient and affordable car insurance.

How does it work?

Root Car Insurance only requires you to download their application through the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. The download application will then guide you through the first step which is registration. Here, there will be no need to file paperwork as every aspect of the registration including the picture will be done only through your mobile phone.

After this, you will then choose two methods to have your final insurance rate. The first method allows you to instantly have temporary insurance. This is availed for up to sixty (60) days, the duration which will serve as your test drive. The next method is to have your final insurance rate only after thirty (30) days but without the initial insurance given to you.

The driving performance test will use your mobile phone to generate a final insurance rate. The factors included for this will be brakes, consistency of speed, hours of use, and turns. Those who will drive safely will be given lower insurance rates and vice versa.

How much money can you save with Root Car Insurance?

Root Car Insurance markets itself to be more affordable than traditional car insurance companies. This is because from registration to end, the main priority for obtaining your final rate is with your driving performance.

Root Car Insurance claims that traditional car insurance companies prioritize other factors including age, zip code, nationality, and others for generating your insurance rate. This system allows users who drive safely to pay more because they may be categorized to a certain risk group that has higher insurance rates.

Root Car Insurance’s system allows users to have more control over their final insurance rate. This means that those who drive safely will be ensured with more affordable rates. This also means that users who belong to risk groups based on the different factors listed above will still be able to pay less if they drive safely.

Is Root Car Insurance recommended?

In the end, the selling point for Root Car Insurance is its usage-based model and its purely-mobile transactions. If you are confident enough with your driving performance, you may want to check on their service. If you are also looking for more convenience and ease, their service is for you. Their mobile application can be download for both Android and Apple smartphones.