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How much can you save with Root Car Insurance?

Tamara Avatar By: Tamara | Last updated October 24, 2020

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Cars are money gobblers in a lot of ways: you have to pay for the gas, for maintenance, repairs, periodic inspections and insurance. That is why we are all striving to cut down on our expenses when and where we can.

Root Car Insurance is a great insurance solution for all the car owners who drive safely and responsible.

Root Car Insurance offers vehicle insurance for approximately 5 years and it is different from all the other insurance companies you normally see.

Root operates in more than 25 states in the United States and plans to reach nationwide coverage in the near future.

What sets Root Car Insurance apart from its competitors?

One of the most important particularities of Root Car Insurance is the process through which it determines its rates. If most insurance companies focus on aspects such as the driver’s age, gender, car make, age and mileage, the driver’s ZIP code or credit score and other general information, Root Car Insurance is first and foremost interested in one thing, when it determines how much you have to pay for your insurance: how good of a driver are you?

Root Car Insurance offers really low insurance rates to customers who prove they are careful drivers and high rates for the more reckless ones. They even take things further and can even deny insurance to some drivers who’ve been proven to be really public menaces behind the wheel.

Can you save money with Root Car Insurance and if so, how much?

Root Car Insurance ensures on its website that customers can save up to 52% more money by signing up with them than with traditional car insurance providers.

Root doesn’t offer fixed quotes on its website, because prices vary from person to person. You have to contact them in order to get a free quote.

How does Root Car Insurance work?

Root uses technology to determine how good of a driver you are. It has a mobile app that you can download for free for both iOS and Android devices and your driving abilities will be tested with the help of the app.

Root will give you something like a “test drive” period that usually lasts 2 to 3 weeks. During this period, you have to keep the GPS enabled on your phone and your phone with you, every time you drive your car. The Root app uses AI (artificial intelligence) and complex algorithms that score your driving, with some help of your phone’s motion sensors as well. These sensors will behave differently when you are behind the wheel or in the passenger seat, so the app will know when you are driving the car and it will only score you during those times.

The Root app will score based on several aspects such as:

  • How many times you start and stop the engine
  • How fast and steep you take your curbs
  • How you use the brakes and the gas pedal
  • When do you do most of your driving and more

If you want to obtain a high score, you should have a consistent and careful driving style, which will be beneficial to you and the others around you as well. Try to drive during the safer hours as much as possible and not during rush hours, take your turns easily and slowly, avoid too many starts and stops, don’t drive too fast, be gentle with that brake pedal and so on.

At the end of the “test drive”, you will receive an overall score that is based on your driving habits. The more careful you drive, the higher the score. And the higher the score, the lower your interest rates will be.

There are some other factors taken into consideration by Root auto insurance aside from your driving abilities, when they calculate your rates: your driving records, your credit, your age. But the first and most important one is the result of your test drive.