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How good is Root Car Insurance?

Kurtis Avatar By: Kurtis | Last updated July 11, 2019

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A good car insurance policy can literally save your finances in some cases. But it can be difficult to choose the right company, with such an abundant offer on the table. Just as there are a lot of reputable services out there, there are also a lot of scammers just waiting for you to bite the bait.

The most important aspects to pay attention to when choosing your car insurance company are: the coverage included in the policy, how high the deductible will be (in case you get into a car crash and have to pay money out of your own pocket), the car insurance premium (the regular rate you have to pay to your insurer).

Is Root Insurance a good car insurance company? 

Root Insurance is a ‘youngster’ on the market but a very special and promising one. The company is only 5 years old but it’s already succeed in gaining a good reputation thanks to the way it operates.

How do you apply for car insurance with Root?

Root Insurance is a great car insurance company for busy people or people who don’t want to make unnecessary trips to meet with agents and sign countless forms and papers. Root Insurance conducts all its business through its Root app, so potential customers can apply for car insurance straight from their smartphone.

The Root app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play and the sign up process takes only 47 seconds to complete. Once you have an account, you simply turn on your GPS and start driving for a few weeks. These weeks are called ‘test drive’ by Root Insurance and their purpose is to show them how skilled of a driver you are.

The Root app is very complex and manages to use AI (artificial intelligence) to analyze your driving habits. The software identifies patterns and uses the motion sensors of your phone and the GPS to determine your driving behavior. The motion sensors are not the same regardless of where you seat in the car. They are different and the app will only take into consideration the times when you are driving the car.

After it gathers enough data, based on analyzing factors like braking, speed of turns, driving frequency, driving hours and more, the app will come up with a car insurance rate based on your driving results. Bad drivers are not eligible, but good drivers are rewarded with low rates that can save them money up to 52% compared to most car insurance companies.

Is Root Insurance a good car insurance company?

Root Insurance is definitely a great option to consider for several reasons:

  • The first one is ease of application; this company makes it all so easy and fast, eliminating meetings with agents, trips to offices, signing stacks of papers and so on; the fact that you can apply for a policy directly from your phone is very useful and time saving;
  • Root Insurance doesn’t really care about your individual background and doesn’t discriminate; it only considers your abilities as a driver, which means your credit score is not an important decision factor to them; nor is it your age, ZIP code, prior insurance rate, citations in relations to your driving, vehicle type and so on;
  • If you sign up with them, Root Insurance offer to help you terminate your contract with your former car insurance company so you won’t have to do it
  • This company has a simple pricing system; you take the test drive, you get a certain score, you get a quote based on your driving skills and then you can add and remove coverages based on your needs; it is also easy to pay your rate, as you can do it through Apple Pay or credit card
  • Because you get your quote based on your driving skills, Root Insurance helps you become a better and more cautious driver, which can only help you and the others