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How are the reviews for Root car insurance?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated April 24, 2021

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Car insurances are often associated with a long process of talking to many agents, negotiating with them about the different prices which you may want, and looking for the best coverage for your car, driving history, and more factors which you may or may not have total control over. Because it is a requirement for all drivers, users are forced through this process every time. Root Car Insurance is a new name in the industry who wants to change this through the modernization of the whole process.

Who is Root Car insurance anyway?

Root Car Insurance was launched in 2015 and founded by Alex Timm and Dan Manges. The company aims to be different from most insurance service by enabling users to gain absolute control over their rates of payment for their insurance through their test drive-dependent rating. The whole process for getting an insurance can be done through your mobile phone, maximizing convenience for the user and enabling them to get insurance without going out of their way to do so. They only need to allow monitoring for their driving performance for a couple of days and get an insurance after. We did a full review of Root Car insurance and were really impressed by them.

Customer ratings for Root car insurance

As of 2020, the customer ratings for Root have been exemplary. First, according to their website, they currently have a score of 4.7 from their users. One of the main reasons cited by the users is that their rates are more affordable compared to traditional services. This is possible only if they are good drivers. Aside from this, their claims process is also said to be very convenient and responsive for their users. This makes it easy to coordinate with their service in case you need to use the insurance that you are paying for when you are involved in an accident.

Aside from this, their customer service is also complimented by users because of being responsive and informed about their inquiries. This makes it easy for users to voice their out their complaints and receive answers for their questions. The service is also rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau which proves that they are approachable by their customers for their complaints and are helpful and constructive. If you are looking for an insurance company which you can easily contact, Root Car Insurance is an easy choice. The fact that you can do all of this in your mobile phone even makes it more convenient.

How does Root car insurance work?

Instead of having to talk with an agent with an insurance company and fill out certain forms, Root Car Insurance allows you to do everything through your mobile phone. First, users should download their application which is for both Android and iPhones. After this, they can fill out their basic information which should take only a couple of minutes.

After this, users can start their test-driving period which will only take a couple of weeks to finish. Here, the application will determine how much of a safe driver you are. The application will also analyze your risk factors to see if you are prone to accidents or if you are reliable enough to be given lower rates.

What things to keep in mind when thinking about using Root Car Insurance

Throughout your driving period, the application will use your phone’s GPS and various factors as to measure how good you drive. The following are the different factors that it takes into consideration in doing this.

First, the application checks if you are focused in driving. It checks if you are prone to checking your tests, using your phone, or changing radio stations while you are driving. This is because drivers who are used to doing this have a higher chance of being involved in an accident because they are not focused on the road.

Next, the application checks if your braking is smooth and if you are not prone to sudden braking. This is to ensure that you do not drive too closely to another car and to ensure that you are focused on the road. The application also tests if your turns are gentle to see if you constantly monitor the nearby cars. Lastly, the application ensures that you do not drive during dangerous hours. Users who usually drive during evenings on weekends will be given lower scores.

After this, the application will let you know about the specific rate that can be given to you depending on your performance. With Root, they claim to be able to save up to $900 a year because their rates can be more affordable if you have a high-performance rating. Aside from this, you may also get additional credits if you successfully invite your friends to join their platform as it is still newer and is open to having more users. We found that this new way of looking at who can get insurance or not really helped Roots bottom line, as they only insure good drivers. This is why Root Car insurance is one of our top choices.

What are the benefits of Root Car insurance?

The most obvious benefit with their service is that everything can be done through your phone. This lets you skip days of waiting along with countless paperwork. You also won’t need to have a specific agent for your needs. This also makes filing a claim easy as it can be done within 3 minutes.

Aside from this, users who are good drivers and are least likely to be involved in an accident can be given lower rates. With Root, the majority of your insurance rates will depend upon the score you gather from your test drive. With traditional companies, most of the factors weighed in include your race, the model of your car, and DMV history which may not be controlled by the user.

Root also gives free 24/7 available roadside assistance for their users. This is applicable for emergencies you may meet while on the road such as when you are accidentally locked inside your car, running out of gas, or even needing your car to be towed.

However, not all users may fully benefit from the service especially if their driving skills are not approvable. Some may also feel uncomfortable to having their performance be rated by their mobile phone. Lastly, there are those who are not that capable enough of using a mobile phone for emergencies.

What do their plans look like?

Root Car Insurance can give you all of the coverages that are required by some states along with more.

First, they have Liability Insurances that include bodily injury and property damage.

Next, they offer Car insurance which is mostly for damage to your car and damage to others’. Included here are roadside assistance, collision, comprehensive, rental, and uninsured motorist property damage.

Last is the Medical insurance which is for those with personal injury protection, medical payments, and uninsured and underinsured motorist bodily injury.

Users can get one of each to have a combination of insurances for the best protection.

Is Root Car Insurance right for you?

Root Car Insurance is recommended for those looking for a convenient way to have car insurance mainly because of its easy process of getting one which can be done entirely through your mobile phone. It is also recommended if you think that you have good driving skills and will be given a good deal by the application. Lastly, it is recommended if you are confident enough that you can have more affordable plans with the application.

The application is not recommended, however, if you usually drive during dangerous hours of the night. It is also not recommended if you are prone to accidents because of your driving performance as you may end up with higher rates than traditional insurance companies. Lastly, those whose livelihoods depend upon their driving should take note that the application currently does not have a specific way of measuring their performance for them meaning they will be judged the same as casual drivers.