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Cool features of Root Car Insurance

Kelly Avatar By: Kelly | Last updated October 17, 2020

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Did you know that car insurance can improve your driving skills and make you a better driver by encouraging you to drive safely and with a higher precaution? By following the rules for safe driving, you will get a better deal and more affordable quotes from Root car insurance. At the same time, if you want car insurance from this company, you will have to prove that you are not a risky driver because they don’t want to favorize this type of behavior. Let’s see how they measure the driver’s behavior and their cool features that you will absolutely love.

The Root app feature is probably the coolest feature offered by this car insurance company. It is easy to use and portable because you can download it on your mobile device, and it uses the latest technology for calculating the driver’s behavior. On their official website, you can enter your mobile phone, and they will text you the app. Once you start using the application, you will start with the quote process. Root app uses your GPS to measure driving speed, turn speed, safe hours driving, and driving consistency. It is recommended to use this app for two or three weeks for the best results in the quote process. This is the coolest machine learning that will save many lives.

Free roadside assistance available in all states with every car policy. The maximum coverage amount is $100 per incident, for up to 3 incidents during the 6-month policy period. If you ever get stuck on the road, car assistance is available through the Root app. You are not obligated to use their official provider because you have a cost-reimbursement option.

Four coverage plans starting with Liability coverage, Car coverage, Medical coverage, and Full coverage plan. These coverage plans will save you a lot of additional costs when it comes to damage that happened to your car or to other vehicles, property damage, bodily injuries, and medical payment. Cool features in the Car coverage plan are Collision covered damage (when you are responsible for the accident), Rental coverage with two options: car rental or Lyft reimbursement, and coverage for uninsured motorist property damage.

The SR-22 feature is auto liability insurance that is legally required insurance concluded when registering a vehicle. This insurance covers the liability of the owner or user when using a vehicle that causes damage to third parties as a result of death, personal injury, damage to health, destruction or damage to property, except the damage to items received for transportation. The company will fill out this paperwork and send it to the state, and it might take a couple of weeks until it is fully noted, but the SR-22 liability insurance is valid from the moment it is added to your policy.   

Root car insurance is only for used vehicles and it is available in most states. You can see the entire list on their website. This company has some of the best customer reviews and their insurance coverage is very flexible allowing you to add or remove the coverage options and to customize the rates.