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Which is the Best Background Check Tool On the Market?

Kelly Avatar By: Kelly | Last updated August 22, 2019

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Background check tools are useful for a variety of reasons. Though most information can now be garnered by a person by themselves because of the internet, background check tools simplify the whole process and compile everything in one neat report.

Where is it used?

Background check tools are used for both personal and corporate uses. For personal purposes, one may use it to gather information on a long-lost friend or relative. Simple information like current address, occupation, and contact numbers can do wonders for communication. Corporate entities mostly use these tools, however, for checking the validity of submitted information by applicants. Criminal records and past job experiences are almost certainly checked factors for them.

Why is it used?

Even with the convenience of the internet at almost everybody’s use, it may still be a daunting task to browse through millions of pages to look for intricate and specific information about a person. Aside from this, there may also be dangerous parts of the internet that is best not browsed through by an average user.

Background check tools are the go-to for those who want a quick and complete result for their inquiries.

Different background check services offer varying prices that depend upon the number of searches and information included in the study.

Which are the best background check tools?

There are two background check tools that we consider the best. Considering different factors important for the actual inquiry, the two best services we included are 1) PeopleFinders and 2) Verispy.

  1. PeopleFinders– It is an excellent tool that aids users in finding accurate reports for their inquiries. Found in 1998 in California, the service is described to be best used by both businesses (cannot be used for employment and tenant screening purposes, though) and regular people.

PeopleFinders gives you access to a person’s birthday, aliases, property records, relatives, and addresses. It doesn’t offer reports on social media and employment history, though. With the background report membership, you are also given access to criminal records, statement of bankruptcies, judgements, sex offender records, and the likes.

The service allows you to search for specific people using search terms such as name, city, address, zip code, and reverse phone searches. This makes it convenient to be used by almost anybody.

The best parts about PeopleFinder is its accurate reports, its convenience of use, and the ability of users to buy single reports. However, it currently does not offer a mobile app which can be quite unfriendly for some.

Currently, it is priced at $25 per month for the standard monthly membership. A single background check report is priced at $39.95. For reports with no legal date, $1.95 is charged. $0.50 is also priced for the download of a report. They also have a 3-day trial that is priced at $4.

  1. Verispy– Another excellent background checking tool, this one excels in terms of fair pricing, features, and speed of gathering data. Creating in Massachusetts, Verispy has a record of 8 million inquires on their service. This proves their reliability and popularity.

The information that Verispy offers included legal records (criminal records, arrest records, divorce records, and the likes), contact numbers, and addresses. In terms of functionality, it is alike with many other tools.

What makes it a standout service, though, is their transparency in terms of pricing. Unlike other services, anything you have to pay is shown without hidden numbers. It also does not have an automatic renewal feature which makes you constantly monitor your payment with their service. They also offer refunds up to 8 weeks of purchase depending on a case-by-case basis.

Currently, it is priced at $19.95 for one report that can be reviewed for 30 days. It is a one-time fee. One week is priced at $24.95 which gives unlimited access to the search menu. For one month, the mentioned features are priced at $29.95.