What is Verispy?

Matt Avatar By: Matt | Last updated September 30, 2019

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Verispy is one of the most renowned background check services in the United States and the first one in our background check services lineup. It is a web-based service, meaning you perform the searches online and read your generated report on your device instead of on a piece of paper.

The company that launched Verispy is based in Massachusetts and boasts on its service being used by almost 8 million users.

How can you use a background check service?

Before explaining how Verispy can be useful to you, it is important to differentiate between specialized background check services that are FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) compliant and all the services that are available on the internet, which can usually be used only for informative purposes.  Web-based background check services, which often describe themselves as being public records search services, can’t be used for purposes such as:

  • Screening candidates for a potential job
  • Screening students for scholarships
  • Determining someone’s credit eligibility
  • Blackmailing someone and so on

How can you use online background check services such as Verispy?

Even though they are only useful for informative purposes, it is easier to use such services than to start digging for data by yourself, from countless places on and off the internet. You can use Verispy to:

  • To reconnect with a childhood friend or a former classmate
  • To check out your neighbors (among others, you can see if they appear on the registered sex offenders list in your area)
  • To find out who a coworker is
  • To do a background check on the parents of your child’s new friend
  • To look up your own name and see what info is available about you on the internet and more

What is the pricing of Verispy?

Verispy is a subscription-based service and it offers 3 types of options to its customers. You can choose between:

  • A single report access pass, which is priced at $19.95; this amount is a one-time fee that gives you access to a single report
  • A one-week access pass, which is priced at $24.95; this one is pretty self-explanatory; you get access to unlimited reports for an entire week
  • A 30-day unlimited access pass, which is priced at $29.95 and gives you access to unlimited background check reports for an entire month

If you choose the 30-day access pass, you are also entitled to Verispy’s trials, which are a good way to test the service; there are two types of trials available, a 5-day trial and a 7-day trial.

Regardless of the type of pass you opt for, Verispy has an 8-week refund policy.

How does Verispy work?

Verispy works just like any other online background check service. You have to create an account and login using the ‘Member Login’ box, whenever you want to do a background check. All you need to provide is your username/e-mail address and a password.

When you want to perform a search, there are three types of searches you can do: for people, by phone and by e-mail.

The people search lets you input the first name, the last name of the person and the state of residence.

The phone search requires you to type in a phone number. Or you can look someone up by typing in their e-mail address. Then, you simply click on the ‘Access records’ button and wait for the search to complete.

Verispy has a very good turnaround time. Your search will only take around 30 seconds to complete. Once the report is ready, you will receive an access link. Verispy will give you clear instructions on how to access a report so all you have to do is follow them.

You can use Verispy from almost any device, be it computer, smartphone, tablet. Your searches are totally private and secure.

What kind of information is available in a Verispy report?

A Verispy report can be really comprehensive and it can include:

  • Criminal records: felonies, sex offender data, mug shots, court and probation records
  • Court records such as liens, bankruptcies, fines, etc.
  • Arrest and warrants
  • Marriage records including dates, locations and names
  • Divorce records such as court, dates, names, disposition
  • Birth records

Another useful feature of Verispy is the search assistance. With this feature, you can contact the customer support staff in case you don’t know for sure that you found the right person. They will assist you further and you will get a reply to your e-mail in less than 48 hours.

The reports offered by Verispy are easy to read, organized and well arranged. The information is displayed in an orderly manner, which makes it easier to peruse.