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What is the cost of US Search background check service?

Cristina Avatar By: Cristina | Last updated August 13, 2021

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Internet background check services are very easily accessible nowadays and they can give you access to information about almost anyone you want. Unlike background check services of the past, which took days or even weeks to send you a report, online services available today generate your report almost instantly, or within maximum 24 hours, depending from case to case.

There are various uses for a background check service: it can help you reconnect with childhood friends or former classmates, search for information on a potential date, the parents of your new child’s friend, online sellers, a neighbor that just moved in next to you and much more.

US Search Review

US Search is an online background check service with more than 25 years of experience in the industry. The service is quite popular within the United States, because US Search provides accurate and thorough reports in a timely manner. Background check reports are available instantly in some cases or within maximum one day, by email.

US Search offers various search services: people search, email search, background checks, social network search, reverse phone lookup, property records search, criminal records search.

How much does US Search cost?

Just like most online background check services, US Search also has a membership system. In order to get access to background check reports, you have to sign up for one of their OmniSearch memberships, which are available in three billing options: monthly, quarterly or per single reports.

Monthly membership: this type of membership gives you access to unlimited people and phone searches for one month. The price is $19.95 and you are billed monthly.

Quarterly membership: this type of membership gives you access to unlimited people and phone searches for 3 months. The price of the membership is $49.85 and you are billed every 3 months. With this type of subscription, you save $10.

One report only: this membership is suitable for people who only need to use the service from time to time or maybe for one time only. This type of membership gives you access to a single report for the price of $2.45.

As for payment methods, US Search accepts payments by credit/debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard and Discover.

What does a people search report include?

A people search report includes information such as:

  • Full name
  • Aliases
  • Relatives
  • Address history
  • Contact information
  • Age
  • Associates
  • Social networks

This information comes for free, but you can find out extra information about the person by purchasing:

  • Marriage and divorce records (for an additional $2.95)
  • Property records (for an extra $4.95)
  • Email addresses ($2.95)
  • National criminal records ($19.95)
  • Enhanced relatives search ($4.95)
  • Enhanced associates search (2.95)

US Search is not a Consumer Reporting Agency so, just like with most internet background check services, you can’t use the service for purposes such as employment screening, tenant screening, determining an applicant’s eligibility to get credit and other such purposes covered by the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act). You can, however, use the service for informative purposes, such as those mentioned above or other similar ones.

Overall we were pretty impressed by their tech as well as the reports provided. If you need more information , or looking at other options, take a look at our rankings for the top background services right now.