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What is the cost of TruthFinder background check service?

Kurtis Avatar By: Kurtis | Last updated September 5, 2019

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TruthFinder is a searching service that allows its users to look for specific information about a certain person online. Through the use of public records all over the internet, the service creates comprehensive and easy-to-read reports for you to be able to skim through information instantly.

Created back in 2015, the service only requires you to put the first and last name of a person as to gather information about them. They take pride in their high-rated customer reviews that compliment its accuracy of data, speed of searching, and user interface.

Why use TruthFinder?

While it is true that everything that the service does can be done by anyone with access to the internet, it is still recommended because of its speed and range of data gathering. What would take months of searching and verifying will only take shorter than a day for TruthFinder?

Some of the most common uses for the service include:

  1. Looking for long-lost friends and relatives – Given that you have prior information and possible contacts with a person, you can use the service to look for their current whereabouts and status. This can be used in case you want to resume contact with them or to simply check on the current information in their life.
  2. Verifying someone’s criminal records – Because it is easier to deny criminal charges than to be upfront with it, you can use TruthFinder to see if a certain person has any criminal offences no matter how small or big it is. This can be also used to make sure your confidence and trust with certain people. You can also use it to look for possible sexual offenders in your area.
  3. Phone number lookups – If someone you don’t know has been contacting you and denies to name him/herself, you can look for the person using the number with TruthFinder. Possible names and photographs with it will be shown for you to get a better idea if the person is a friend or an absolute stranger.

What information can I search for?

The information that you can look up with the service includes all information that can be gathered in the country, state, and federal data sources. Their service is exclusive for those residing in the United States. Some of the information that you can look for while using the service includes (all according to their website)

  1. Social media accounts
  2. Educations
  3. Jobs
  4. Criminal records
  5. Relatives
  6. Birth and date records
  7. Possible associates
  8. Location history
  9. Dating profiles

How much does it cost?

While everything most of what it does can technically be done by a user him/herself, the convenience and speed it offers makes it a worthwhile buy. Subscription to their service requires you to take a membership with varying durations and prices.

The first plan gives you a one-month membership priced at less than $30. The features included are unlimited standard background reports and access to their application.

The second plan gives you three months of membership priced at less than $26 per month. The only difference with the earlier plan is the duration of the membership.

The special phone number lookup plan charges for you less than $2.

You can pay for their service through Paypal or credit card of choice.