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What does TruthFinder do? What does this service have to offer?

Kelly Avatar By: Kelly | Last updated November 21, 2019

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Having to search for certain people whom you have lost contact with for a long time may still be a hard thing to do even with the presence of social media. This is because their full name may already be changed after their marriage, their contact numbers may have changed, and they may have moved to another state.

TruthFinder is an online service that can help you look for information about anyone in the country. As long as the person in the U.S., you can easily search for a person’s contact information, their legal and criminal records, and more information about them.

How does it operate?

The first question that may pop in the minds of those doubtful of the application is: is it legal?

The simple answer is yes. This is because TruthFinder relies solely upon public record. Every part of the information that they provide you are displayed for the public. The Freedom of Information Act or FOLA makes it legal for records such as the those they can provide their users available upon request.

Even with this information legally available for everyone, it will still be hard for the everyday person to have enough time to gather a lot of information about a person. After all, you may have to browse hundreds of webpages and take days for you to complete a single sheet of gathered data. This means that the main thing that TruthFinder sells you is convenience. 

How do you use it?

TruthFinder is an all-online service. All you need to do to be able to use it to open their website. From here on, you can type the person’s name, may it be the first or the last. You can also type the state where they reside which can make the searching process faster. 

The process of searching for the person will only take minutes. While this is being done, TruthFinder may also ask certain questions which you may know about the person that can narrow down the search. This information includes their age, relatives you know, and known locations of residence. 

What information does it compile?

Once subscribed to the service, you will be given a full background report of the person which you are searching for. The information included in their research includes the following:

  1. Contacts - This is the most important part for those that are looking for a relative or a friend which they have lost contact of. Some of the information given for contacts include their phone numbers and/or their email addresses. You are also given social media accounts to make the process of reconnecting faster.
  2. Full name and biodata – If you want to do a thorough check of the person’s full name and identity, the biodata fills out the information for you. Some of the data that are included here are the person’s full name, their date of birth, possible relatives linked to them, and associates and contacts closest to them. Professional licenses are also written. 
  3. Location – For you to be able to locate a certain contact or family member of yours, you can also get their current living location. They may even provide you with a complete address along with possible neighbours for you to be able to narrow down your search. 
  4. Legal records – You can also use the background report to see any forms of criminal records for the person you are looking for. This lets you know if what the person claims are reliable. You may also choose to look for any sex offenders that are living in your location.
  5. Financial information – Even their financial information is included in the report. This may include their liens, foreclosures, evictions, and others. 

All of this information can be found in a single comprehensive report that is very helpful. 

Is it accurate?

The only thing that may be questioned about TruthFinder is the accuracy of its report. 

Upon closer view, TruthFinder is a website that creates its reports upon the pubic database. It shortens the process of having to do so manually. Because of its dependency on government records. However, such records may not always be updated to match current demands. There are inconsistencies which may occur due to clerical errors, false information, and more.

Users must always be wary of this error and must always take the information with a grain of salt.