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What are the features of Verispy background check service?

Matt Avatar By: Matt | Last updated October 17, 2019

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Verispy is an Internet-based background check service developed by an American company from Massachusetts. Since its release, this service has continued to grow in popularity and Verispy currently boasts on more than 9,2 million of inquiries and counting.

Verispy is not a FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) compliant service, but rather a public records search company. That means that the background check reports that it offers can only be used for informative purposes. You are not allowed to use the information in them for screening candidates for a job, screening tenants, determining someone’s credit eligibility, harass or blackmail a person based on what you found in the report and so on.

However, that doesn’t mean that this background check service can’t be very useful. Here are some potential uses for it:

  • To help you reconnect with a childhood friend, former classmate
  • To do a background check on someone before a blind date
  • To look up a new partner
  • To do a background check on your neighbors
  • To do a background check on a coworker
  • To search your own name to see what information is available about you on the internet

What is the pricing of Verispy?

Verispy offers access passes to its customers. You can choose between three types of passes, as it follows:

  1. Single report access pass, which is priced at $19.95 and it is a one-time fee. With this pass you are entitled to a single report.
  2. One-week access pass, which is priced at $24.95. For this pass, you can generate as many background check reports as you want for one week.
  3. 30-day unlimited access pass, which is priced at $29.95. With this pass, your access is granted for an entire month.

Once your pass expires (regardless of the type of pass you opt for), you have to renew it yourself if you want to keep using it, otherwise it won’t renew automatically. This is actually a good thing, because some services keep on charging you automatically if you don’t close your account. But not Verispy.

Verispy also offers a 5-day and a 7-day trial to users who sign up for their 30-day pass.

All the passes offered by Verispy include an 8-week money-back guarantee.

Hoes does Verispy work and what are the features included with this service?

Verispy has a quick turnaround time and a search takes under a minute to complete. The service is as simple as it gets. You have to create an account by providing a username/valid e-mail address and a password. Then, each time you want to run a background check or use the service, you have to first log into your account.

Searches can be made based on name, e-mail address and a phone number. Verispy lets you perform background checks, criminal records searches, reverse phone searches, email searches, marriage and divorce records searches, arrest records searches, court record checks, people searches.

Although this service is very user-friendly, in case you run into any problems, you also get ‘search assistance’. That means you can contact the customer support team from Verispy  in case you need help in using the service.

Verispy ensures its customers that all their searches are 100% private and secure.

As we’ve mentioned it already, a report takes under a minute to complete and you can access it only electronically, from pretty much any device: your computer, laptop, tablet, iPad, smartphone. You can also print or download the reports if you want.

Verispy’s reports are quite complex and accurate. You can find information such as:

  • Personal info such as name, address history, email address, social media profile
  • Birth records, including place and date of birth
  • Criminal records including sex offender data, court records, mug shots and so on
  • Arrest and warrants
  • Marriage and divorce records, including places and dates
  • Court records such as liens, fines, bankruptcies and more

Verispy offers phone support Monday through Friday, between 10 a.m. and 11 p.m. (US - EST) and Saturday and Sunday, 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. (US - EST). You can also find useful information on their website, including a FAQ section.