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What are the different pricing plans of TruthFinder?

Matt Avatar By: Matt | Last updated September 29, 2020

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TruthFinder is a background check application. You can use it to view a person’s information including address, court records, contact details, and more. With just a part of their name along with their state, you can find out more about a person.

How does it work?

TruthFinder does this by analyzing public records that are made available to the public by the government. It scans through this data and then summarizes it into one clean summary for you. All of the information that they use is legal and publicly available.

Why do we need to pay for Truthfinder?

A valid question that may be asked is why TruthFinder requires payment for its services even if the data they use is publicly available.

The answer to this is that they are a full service that gives maximum user convenience when looking for a person, summarizing all their information, and arranging it in one clean report. In addition to this, they have a search engine that does the summarizing of data within minutes. This saves you days of browsing through the web for information about the person.

Pricing Plans of Truthfinder

Currently, TruthFinder offers three affordable pricing plans. All of them are priced below $30.
The first plan gives you one month of subscription. It is priced at $27.78. This gives unlimited background check reports and reverse phone lookups. If you will be doing a search every day, you will be paying less than a dollar for each.

The second plan gives two months of membership. It is priced at $23.02 per month. It gives unlimited background check reports and reverse phone lookups.

The last plan is for those who only look for phone reports. Every phone report is priced at less than $2.

Memberships for TruthFinder automatically renew if you do not cancel before the end of the month of subscription.

What is the information that you can search for?

TruthFinder gives a complete background check report for whoever you may want to search. The data they give include the following:

Phone number
Property ownership
Email address
Social media accounts
Names of potential family members, friends, and associates
Education background
Criminal history
Job history

These are all listed in a comprehensive summary. This makes it easier to scan through instead of manually searching the internet for each.


Before using TruthFinder, you must first be aware of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. This states that the information that you get from regular background checks is illegal to be used as determining factor for tenant decisions and for employment screening. This is because background checks are not always completely accurate. This may also cause discrimination against certain candidates.