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What are the different packages offered by Truthfinder?

Kurtis Avatar By: Kurtis | Last updated September 29, 2020

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TruthFinder is a reliable and safe public records search service helping its customers in the US to find anyone’s background report by using county records, state records, federal records, deep web info, and social media data. TruthFinder doesn’t offer a single report option. Instead, you have to purchase a one or three-month membership for unlimited reports.

1 Month Membership will cost you less than $30 for unlimited reports. This means that one report per day will cost you less than one dollar.

3 Month Membership will cost you less on a monthly base and you can run an unlimited number of reports for less than $26 per month. The company will ask you to pay upfront for this membership.

Phone Number Look Up plan is available for less than $2 for unlimited phone reports.

TruthFinder offers two types of reports: unlimited standard reports and premium reports. The Standard report is included in the membership fee and provides information like:

  • First and last name
  • Email address
  • Location history
  • Phone number
  • Criminal records
  • Job records

The premium report will cost you an additional $17.47 on your membership. It will include more comprehensive details from:

  • Financial background (bankruptcies, currently owned properties, property tax, mortgages, vehicle details, and many more)
  • Business associates (company details and contact, DUNS number, corporation type, employment history, and many more)
  • Behavior record (drug test and driving test)

Four TruthFinder records are very useful and proven for accurate information and the best users reviews:

  • Background check report will help you find your lost relatives, ex-colleagues, friends or anyone inside the US. Besides birth and death records, location history reports, contact information with up-to-date details, additional included records are also available in one or three month membership:
  • Criminal records will include offense details (date, description, sentence end date and length, plus few more), arrest details with arrest classification and type of offense, and prison and parole details with current prison status, prison location and sentence.
  • Job history record is pulled out from LinkedIn public profiles. The record will be delivered in a resume form with additional information like skills and general interests through groups and joined organizations.
  • Social media records are very useful when you want to have all-in-one social media records because the results will include records from Facebook, LinkedIn, Google profiles, Pinterest, Twitter, Youtube, and many more. This will save you time and give you exact information about someone instead of going through the archive on each profile separately.

TruthFinder will provide you an accurate, well organized and comprehensive report with information gathered from millions of public records, so you won’t have to do it manually. We do an in depth review of Truthfinder and have found it to be one of the best background checking services online.