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US Search Review – Is it a good online background check service?

Matt Avatar By: Matt | Last updated August 13, 2021

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US Search is an internet-based background check service owned by PeopleConnect. The service can be used to look up people from anywhere in the United States. It won’t display results if you search for someone outside the US though, as it only uses records of people in this country.

The biggest selling points of US Search are its accurate and comprehensive reports, the user-friendliness of the service and the fact that reports are generated very quickly. In some cases you can even get the report instantly, while in the worst cases, you will have it delivered by e-mail within maximum 24 hours. Searches are all confidential, so you don’t have to worry that the person you’re searching for will find out.

What does US Search offer?

US Search offers various types of searches: background checks, people searches, criminal record searches, reverse phone lookup, email searches, property record searches, social network searches.

US Search gathers its information from billions and billions of public and commercial records. The service uses anything from government records and court documents, to social media profiles, marketing data, phone books and more.

Dos and don’ts of the service

US Search is similar to most online background check services on the market, in that it is not a Consumer Reporting Agency. That comes with some limitations in how you can use the service. You are not allowed to use it for purposes governed by the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act), such as: employment screening, tenant screening, household jobs candidate screening (baby-sitters, gardeners, etc.), for determining someone’s eligibility to get credit and other such purposes.

You can use the service for many other purposes though: to reconnect with a former classmate, a childhood friend, to run a background check on a blind date, on your neighbors, to run a search on an online seller you want to buy something from, to run a background check on yourself to see what kind of information is available on you on the internet and many more.

What are the plans offered by US Search?

Most online background check services are subscription-based and US Search makes no exception. This service lets you choose between monthly or quarterly memberships, but it also sells single reports, if you only need to use the service once.

US Search’s memberships are called OmniSearch and they allow you to run unlimited searches by name, by phone or by address.

The monthly membership is priced at $19.95.

The quarterly membership saves you $10 and it is priced at $49.85. You are billed every 3 months and you are entitled to unlimited searches for 3 months.

A single report, which lets you run a single search, is priced at $2.45.

In addition to these, you can also purchase additional information to make your report as comprehensive as possible. For an extra charge, you can buy marriage and divorce records ($2.95), national criminal records ($19.95), email addresses ($2.95), property records ($4.95), extended associates search ($2.95) and more.

A standard report, with no extra information it, includes data such as: full name of the person, aliases, age, contact information, address history (current and past addresses), potential relatives, associates, social networks.

Overall we found that US Search did a pretty good job at finding information, even when people didn't want it to be found.