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US Search Pricing – What is its cost?

Kurtis Avatar By: Kurtis | Last updated August 13, 2021

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US Search is a comprehensive background checking service that has been established since 1998 and continues to be one of the best of its kind. It is known for generating comprehensive and accurate reports for affordable prices.

Features of US Search

US Search is equipped with a lot of searching methods to ensure maximum accuracy of results. The following are its different forms as stated on their website:

  1. People Search; This is the most basic searching option. It only requires a last name, city, and the state of the person you are searching for.

  2. Reverse Phone Lookup; You can use the phone number of a person to know more information about them. This is especially handy if an anonymous number keeps on calling you and you would like to know their identity.

  3. Email Search; You can use the personal e-mail of a person to know more information about them. If available, you can even get their address and other contact details through this searching method.

  4. Social Network Search; Using social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and MySpace, you can look for more information about a person.

  5. Property Records; This is a more specific type of searching which requires a property’s address, zip code, city, and state for you to know its details, maps, deeds, information, and more.

  6. Criminal Records; For an additional payment, you can ask for a list of a person’s criminal records. This includes misdemeanors, sex offenses, felonies, and more on either a state-limited or nationwide scale.

  7. Background Check; You can conduct a full background check on a person through US Search.


If you will search for information on many people, the Unlimited plans are recommended for you.

Through these plans, you can look for the following information through the people searches: age, contact information, associates, address history, social networks, and relatives.

The phone searches option gives you the following information: names associated with the phone number, addresses associated with the phone number, carrier location of the number, phone carrier, and the use of People Search Report names you find from the phone numbers.

US Search also charges additional fees for other information including:

Name of Information                            Price

National Criminal Information              $19.95

Marriage and Divorce Records              $2.95

Property Records                                   $4.95

Email Addresses                                     $2.95

Enhanced Relatives Search                    $4.95

Enhanced Associates Search                  $2.95

Your subscription can be cancelled through your Account Settings.

Additional Notes

  • US Search cannot be used for tenant screening and employment purposes in accordance to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). A full list of possible uses of information is listed on the website’s terms and services.
  • You can remove your information from their database by visiting their Opt-out Online Form.

Overall this product did pretty good for the cost, so we would say it is a good value if you really need to find out information quickly but if you are looking for fuller reports you might be better off looking at a different background checking service.