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TruthFinder Service Review

Matt Avatar By: Matt | Last updated November 9, 2020

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From the moment you were born to the last days of your life, you acquired and left public records everywhere. Your birth records, your medical records, criminal records, phone numbers, business activities, social media posts, etc.  

Everybody could get their hands on those records, which is how certain profession such as detectives, lawyers, and journalists get their hands on detailed information on a certain individual.  

There is a time when having such data would prove to be beneficial for you, such as for finding long lost friends and relatives, looking into suspicious strangers, finding out more about a person before committing a long term relationship with them, etc.  

Unfortunately collecting those huge amounts of records from multiple sources is a long and arduous journey. Not only that, there is also numerous hidden cost that would eventually drain your resources out.  

But it doesn't have to be that way. In this internet age, numerous companies offer background check services so you could find out crucial information about someone from the comfort of your couch. One of the best-known one is TrustFinder.  

About Truthfinder

TrustFinder is a search engine for people, specifically all public records that are available on any particular individual. All you need to do is provide them with basic information like full name, known address, email or phone numbers, etc, and then they'll scour their database for all available public information on that person. 

Founded in 2015, TrustFinder has been the trusted source for a background check for American people. Yes, when I write this article, TrustFinder is only available for the US market. They have expanded to other countries like Australia, but for now, their most comprehensive database is still on American citizens.  

TrustFinder is a part of The Control Group Media Company Inc. under then founder and CEO Kristian Kibak. To further expand the company and its various brands under its belt, they decide to appointed Steven Grey as the new president of the company starting in July 2017.  

Grey's recent executive decision is a merger with a similarly well-known company in the industry called PeopleConnect in January 2020. Now, TrustFinder, Intelius, InstantCheckMate, and other similar and complementary services like it are working under the umbrella of a parent company called PeopleConnect. 

Features of TruthFinder
  • Personal Information & Possible photos. The first information that TruthFinder will search and present to you is the personal information of the individual that you want to know about. This type of information includes full name, date of birth, known alias, etc. They will also present you with possible photos of the said individual from within their search parameter. You can then choose the most accurate one from their images result to further confirm the subject that you looking for.  
  • Jobs & Education. The next section is on jobs and education. In Job, you will see the subject's employment history, such as the name of the company, the position that they occupy at the time, how long they worked there, etc. In the education section, you'll find the subject's education history, such as the name of the school, the major they were in, how long they studied there, etc.  
  • Possible relatives. To stretch the search parameter even further, TruthFinder would also list all possible relatives of the subject. This is especially useful if you want to look for a long lost family member because each name would have the same amount of background information as the one you're currently searching for. 
  • Related links & Social profiles. This section is for the subject's online presence. From their social media profiles to Amazon account, to online dating account, to personal blogs, to hidden accounts, etc. This section is especially useful to find out about whether your significant other cheating on you or not because a cheater would usually create a fake account to hide their real-life relationship. 
  • Contact information. This section is about the subject's means of communication, such as their phone numbers, email address, phone carrier, etc.  
  • Location history. This is the part where you can see the list of known address history of the subject presented in a detailed and up to date map. 
  • Criminal records & Sex offender information. This section is arguably one of the most important features of TruthFinder. Here you'll find any criminal records under the subject name and also display the list on known sex offender that lives around the area where the subject currently reside based on the information from the previous section. Or, if the subject themselves is a sex offender.  
  • Possible business affiliations & Professional licenses. This section is about the business that the subject has founded and all of the corporate filings related to that business. It will also show if they possessed any kind of professional license like hunting license, concealed weapon permits, etc. 
  • Assets. This is about all assets that the subject has under their name, like houses and other types of property that they might own, including every related information about it, such as the total value, tax amount, etc. 
  • Reverse lookup. With this feature, you'll be able to input phone numbers, email address, or physical address, and you'll get every relevant public data about them, such as the owner of the number, the social media profiles, and even possible places of interest in the given address. 
  • Deep web monitoring. TruthFinder will keep an eye out in case your personal information pops up on the dark web to be sold to the highest bidder. 
Benefits of TruthFinder
  • Ease of use. TruthFinder is surprisingly easy to use. All you need to do is provide basic information on the individual and answer some questions to accurately identify the intended person. Its intuitive and user-friendly interface also makes it easy for new users to navigate through their website. 
  • Quick search. Searching and compiling all public records of an individual with TruthFinder is surprisingly quick. From the time I type the name of the person to the point where I could download the full report, it took only around ten to twenty minutes.  
  • Reasonably priced. Although it is public records, compiling billions of data from dozens of sources is not an easy feat to do and it certainly costs money to do so. One month's worth of unlimited searches will cost you less than USD30 per month while the three-month subscription would cut the cost down to less than USD26 per month. 
  • Downloadable reports. At the end of the searches, TruthFinder would give you the option to download the result into a neat PDF document so you could take your time looking at all of the overwhelming data without connecting to the internet or you could also print it out.  
Final thoughts on Truthfinder

TruthFinder offers a unique yet fairly important service in a relatively affordable package. Looking at the resulting documents, I am still fascinated yet a bit scared with how much information about any given individual available to the public eye.  

That being said, this information might prove crucial in finding your long lost friends or preventing you from associating with dangerous people, so I appreciate the existence of services like TruthFinder for that matter.  Hopefully you have found value in our TruthFinder review and take a look at their service. For the price to value of their services offered, we find it to be one of the best purchases you can do online when looking to find more about someones background.