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TruthFinder Background Check Service: Features and Cost

Hailey Avatar By: Hailey | Last updated September 30, 2019

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Background check services are an important tool for those looking for more information about a certain person. Aside from this, they can also be used as a tool for looking for a person you’ve lost contact with. TruthFinder can be used for both of these thanks to its accurate information and its affordable prices. 

Are background check services worth it?

Before using one, you should still remember that no background check service is perfect at all. This is because the sources from where they gather information are only public records. This means that any old information that is still posted online can be used by the automated service whenever searching. While this is a known potential downside to using one, there are still positives to this.

First, all of its checking services are perfectly legal. With USA’s Freedom of Information Act and the Privacy Act of 1999 which allows the viewing of information that is within the legal range. This means that information like marriage records, criminal records, and basic information can be gathered by anyone.

While this can be done by the users themselves, background check services use an automatic program that is coded to look in public information within seconds or a minute. Instead of having to do so manually which can take up to days and months, background check service shortens this period. 

Which data does TruthFinder gather?

Included in the data that TruthFinder gathers are relatives, associations, roommates, contact information, history report, birth records, death records, criminal records, educations, jobs, social media profiles, dating profiles, and assets. This is because this information is publicly listed. Those who may want to know more about the person they want to search for may also use advanced searches to be able to gather more information. This is priced slightly higher, though.

Cost of TruthFinder

TruthFinder offers affordable prices for its different plans. The price for one month of membership for reverse phone lookup is 4.99 per month. This does not offer background checks, though.

A one-month membership gives both reverse-phone lookup and unlimited background checks for $27.78 per month. A two-month membership is priced at $23.02 per month. 

Accuracy of information

As stated earlier, all background checks have information that can occasionally be outdated or wrong. TruthFinder is one of the few which manage to generate accurate and almost perfect results though. TruthFinder produces results that are up-to-date and correct most of the times. This is especially handy whenever looking for the phone number and e-mail addresses which you can use to contact the person that you were searching for. 

Good user experience

Because the main purpose of TruthFinder is to be able to shorten the experience of looking for a certain person, its website is designed to give an easy and comfortable user experience. Using a minimalist and modern interface, TruthFinder is easy to access even by those who are not used to using services like this. Aside from this, the reports that they generate are also easy to read and readily highlights all of the information which you will most likely look for. 

TruthFinder also has a mobile application which makes it easy to generate a background check on a person in an instant. This gives more convenience for the users too. 


An overlooked but vital information that people must know before using background check services is that the results it generates must not be used for decisions in accepting employees or tenants in an apartment. Although it generates accurate information for most of the time, its results can still be mixed up with another person. It is also illegal to do so. This is clear and transparent with the application. They are upfront with this and sets you with legal limitations instantly as for its users to know. This is why it is best recommended only for personal reasons. 

Pros of Using TruthFinder

There are a lot of pros that make TruthFinder a worthwhile buy. This includes the following:

Mobile application – This addition to their service may just be the reason to differentiate it from its competitors. Available in both iOS and Android, users can conveniently make instant searches wherever they may be. This is especially handy for situations such as a blind date or just meeting a stranger which you would like to know more about.

More search terms – As not everyone can remember almost every basic information about a person, TruthFinder has multiple search terms which you can fill as start your search. Some of the search terms that you can use include names, e-mail address, phone numbers, and more. As it is most likely that you do not know much about the person you are trying to search, this feature is especially handy.

Unlimited background checks once subscribed – Subscription to their service requires a membership. Once you are a member of the service, you can access unlimited background checks. This makes it a worthwhile buy for those that are planning to search for a lot of people.

Updated information – Although TruthFinder does not promise perfect results, it still wants to deliver the best possible results. Information that is best when updated such as contact information is updated which may come in handy for those who are planning to communicate once more to long lost acquaintances. 

Abundant information – The information that TruthFinder gives is abundant and sufficient for a background check. As stated above, the information they provide ranges from basic information such as full names, contact information, and addresses up to criminal records, wedding records, and many more. 

Social media results – For you to be able to instantly contact the person you are trying to search, their social media is also included in the search that you will do. Through this, you can instantly validate if the information listed is about the person you are looking for. It can also be used for you to start communicating with the person you are searching for. 

Cons of using TruthFinder

There are also some cons to using TruthFinder. These includes:

No trial usage – There is currently no trial period for users. This is understandable, though, as TruthFinder would like to save most of the information which you can gather only for those that will be paying for their services. Still, it may be a downside for some. 

No purchasing of individual reports – Because not everyone will regularly use the service, it may be disappointing to know that there is no purchasing of individual reports. This makes it an expensive purchase for those who will only be making one or two searches.