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TruthFinder Background Check - How much will it cost you?

Kelly Avatar By: Kelly | Last updated August 23, 2019

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How many times did you want to find out something about a coworker, former classmate, a neighbor, potential date and so on, but gave up because it seemed like too much trouble and a lot of wasted time? Besides, not everyone is on Facebook or other social media platforms, which only makes it even more difficult to track them down or dig out valuable info on them.

Online background check services are valuable sources of information, because they do all the research for you, in a matter of minutes, through specialized software. They access various and numerous public records (unclassified documents) to extract all the available data about a certain person and then compile everything into a single, organized and easy to read report. A search takes literally a few minutes before the report is completed and you can access it instantly.

Is TruthFinder a good background check service?

TruthFinder is a good example of web-based background check services that you can use to perform a search on someone. The company that launched this service is a reputable one that holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. TruthFinder is strict when it comes to privacy and security and will always protect its customers’ identity.

TruthFinder is membership-based, meaning you have to subscribe to one of their plans if you want to access the information in the report.

How much do you have to pay for TruthFinder?

TruthFinder offers both standard and premium reports. There are 2 subscriptions you can choose from, a one-month subscription and a 3-month one. The 1-month subscription will cost you $27.78 per month. The 3-month subscription will cost you $26 per month.

These two subscriptions give you access to unlimited standard reports for the period of time specified in the subscription. If you want to upgrade to a premium report, you have to pay an additional $17.47, regarding of the subscription you chose.

What is the difference between the standard report and the premium report?

The standard report includes all the basic information on someone: contact details (including current and past addresses), aliases, date of birth, social media profiles, potential neighbors, potential relatives, employment and educational background, criminal records, sex offender data (if it is the case).

A premium report is more comprehensive, adding extra information about the searched person: business affiliations, assets, bankruptcies, drug tests, weapon permits, driving tests and others.

TruthFinder lets you search for someone by typing in their full name, their first or last name, their city or their state.

You can also perform a reverse phone lookup, to find out who called you from a certain phone number.

TruthFinder is a valuable service because it is affordable and it saves you a lot of research time. TruthFinder manages to do in a few seconds all the work you’d need to put in, in hours and hours of browsing and researching. The only thing to remember about TruthFinder is that, just like most of these online background check services, it doesn’t allow you to use its services for employment screening, tenant screening, determining credit eligibility and other such purposes. You can use it for informative purposes only.