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PeopleFinders Overview

Cristina Avatar By: Cristina | Last updated June 12, 2021

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PeopleFinder is an online background check service. By typing the name of a person, their location, and other relevant information, you can know more about them. It is known for being affordable and for giving accurate information for its users. It is based in Sacramento, California.

PeopleFinders is a “Data as a Service” company that can provide information gathered all around the internet. They call also access information that is publicly provided by the government. They do not take any information that is private from anyone, which makes it safe to use.

Why should I subscribe?

The main selling point of PeopleFinders is how they simplify the process of gathering data. Even if the information is stored all around the internet, the average person can still take days in doing so personally.

PeopleFinders uses its own search engine to gather all of this information in one comprehensive report.

Quality of information

Background checks are important for a variety of reasons such as crosschecking the information provided by a stranger or for linking with old contacts. Therefore, it is important for the data provided by the service to be abundant and accurate enough to be used.

Upon checking PeopleFinders, we were glad to discover that they offer accurate information. It is also timely and can be expected to be updated near the date of change (transferring to another location, changing the mobile number, etc.).

It is very easy to use PeopleFinders. You will only need to insert some known information such as their current state and city of residence or their middle name. You may also use their email or their phone number for searching. The service did not have any problems with common names.

Information provided

Some information provided by PeopleFinders includes:

  • Court records and criminal judgements– These are especially important if you want to know the background of a person you have just met
  • Marriage records
  • Assets owned
  • Contact details including email accounts and phone numbers
  • Current home addresses

Other data which may be crucial to contact a person is not included, though. This includes their social media account or their work history. Both can be easily browsed through other websites, though.


PeopleFinders is priced at $24.95, which is cheaper than its competitors. Single background checks are priced at $39.95.

A simple background check without crucial information such as legal information is priced at $1.95 each. The last one can be downloaded for 50 cents each.


PeopleFinder is recommended especially for people who run a lot of background checks on different people regularly. This is because it is quite expensive when doing single reports.

The quality of the search results is good and reliable. It is abundant in information and is given within minutes after searching.

It is not recommended for those who want to look for information such as social media accounts and work history as this information is not included. Otherwise, it states all other important ones such as current addresses, phone numbers, their current neighbors, and even their legal backgrounds.