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Is PeopleFinders a good background check service?

Tamara Avatar By: Tamara | Last updated June 12, 2021

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Online public records search services, also known as background check services, are very popular nowadays. You can now have a general profile on almost anyone in this world, within just a few minutes. Background check services can be very useful for a variety of purposes:

  • If you want to reconnect with a childhood friend or former classmate
  • If you want to make sure a new date is safe
  • If you want to do a background check on your new neighbors
  • If you want to check out the parents of your child’s new friend
  • To find out if there are any registered sex offenders who live in your area
  • To find out useful information about online buyers or sellers, to make sure they are safe, before you make a transaction
  • To find out who’s calling you from an unknown number
  • Even if you want to run a background check on yourself to see what comes up, etc.

PeopleFinders is an experienced web-based background check service offered by a company based in California. The company was founded more than 20 years ago and can be useful to both individuals and businesses.

PeopleFinders boasts on having access to more than 6,000 data sources and more than 43 billion public records in the United States.

This service allows you to perform various types of searches: phone lookup, criminal searches, background check searches, people searches.

Just like most online background check services, PeopleFinders is not a consumer reporting agency either, which means there are some limitations in what purposes you can use the service for. The service is not FCRA compliant, so you CAN’T use PeopleFinders for:

  • Screening candidates for employment
  • Screening candidates for household jobs such as: nannies, gardeners, etc.
  • For determining someone’s eligibility to get credit or insurance
  • For tenant screening
  • For screening students for a scholarship and other such purposes

How much does PeopleFinders cost?

PeopleFinders offers two types of memberships: a standard one and a Premium one. The Premium one offers access to more comprehensive reports than the standard membership.

Both types of memberships currently come with an introductory offer, meaning you’ll only pay $9.95 for the first month. After the first month, for the standard membership you will be charged $24.95 per month and for the Premium membership, you’ll be charged $29.95 per month.

As for payment methods, you can pay for your membership with credit cards and you have to create an account at checkout. You have to provide your email address and a password to create an account.

You also have to fill a form with your payment details: first and last name, credit card number and so on.

PeopleFinders offers a 15-day money back guarantee, but they explain on their website that they “provide refunds on a case-by-case basis”. You have to contact customer care in case you want a refund and take it from there.

What do you get which each membership?

Standard PeopleFinders membership offers reports that include information such as:

  • Contact information
  • Aliases
  • Age
  • Relatives and associates
  • Addresses
  • Phone number/s

The Premium report includes:

  • All the information in the standard report
  • Email addresses
  • Birth and death records
  • Social media records
  • Assets and properties
  • Professional licenses
  • Business records
  • Arrest records
  • Criminal records
  • Registered sex offender check
  • Bankruptcies, liens and judgments
  • Speeding tickets
  • Nationwide court records
  • Warrants and police records
  • Misdemeanors and felonies
  • Evictions and foreclosures

PeopleFinders is very easy to use, you just type in the name of the person you want to search and any other information you might have about them and you wait for a few minutes for your report to be completed.

The reports offered by PeopleFinders are accurate and easy to read.