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Is Intelius a good background check service?

Kurtis Avatar By: Kurtis | Last updated April 21, 2019

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Background checks can be handy in a lot of ways including office set-ups and plainly for curiosity. It is most important for them to be very accurate. They are now available online, with one of these services being Intelius. They are known for their accurate and comprehensive reports.


In terms of pricing, Intelius has standard prices. For a single check, $49.95 is charged. This is on-par with other background checkers. This is the best for companies that would like to get important information like legal and criminal information which is one of the common reasons to do a background check on a person. If you would only like to avail their services for basic information like addresses and such, a simple check priced at $3.95 is the way to go.

Subscriptions for their service cost $29.95 billed every month. This is good news for companies that specialize on human resources and ones that need constant background checks on a lot of people.

Performance and accuracy in information

Intelius’ background checks are known to be very reliable. Reports include basic information such as e-mail accounts, addresses, relatives, phone numbers, court judgments, assets, marriages, and criminal records. This goes to show how deep it can be and how it is able to navigate through a lot of information. Aside from this, it can also show you social media account which may be helpful if you are trying to contact a person.

Upon checking, we discovered that Intelius’ reports are accurate and timely. Through a test that we performed, we were able to check on a person’s latest social media accounts and addresses. Marriage records were also updated correctly which is often the downfall of most background checkers.

Intelius is able to dig through legal matters, showing recent records for us to see. This is especially helpful for employers that may want to check on an individual’s criminal activities before accepting them.

There are, however, some slight hiccups in terms of information. Recent data that are within six months up to a year may have some missing parts and data. Some info were also unclear and partial (mostly addresses not being complete). All background checks are susceptible to this problem, though, and the real competition is for the one that has the least issues. Intelius proves itself to be among the most accurate ones.

Overall impressions

Overall, Intelius proves itself to be a very reliable and commendable background check service. It has a lot of possible search terms including emails and names. This allows you to be able to search for people whose information is sparse. You are also allowed to filter through locations to be able to have more accurate information.

Intelius is reliable enough as to be used in a business that will require thorough background checks of a person. It is able to check for someone’s basic information up to legal matters and business ventures. This makes Intelius a good background check in terms of features, pricing, and accuracy in information.