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Instant Checkmate Overview

Hailey Avatar By: Hailey | Last updated June 7, 2019

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  •    Accurate and timely information
  •    Neat and organized reports
  •    Good pricing for long periods of use


  •    Has a separate price for Premium reports


Instant Checkmate is best used by businesses and individuals who will regularly make background reports. Its pricing plans reward its users for longer periods of use. Its information supplied is one of the most accurate and timely among other services.


Background check services are important in industries where someone’s history and past actions may be of interest. This can be for employment background checks, loaning, scholarships, and similar factors. Online background checks make it easier for the people in charge to see the history of their persons of interest in a matter of minutes.

When using this service, reliability of information and an updated database are a must. This is because any decisions made by the user after using these background checks will be heavily influenced by the data they see. Legal damages and repercussions may occur if wrong or old information is supplied. Instant Checkmate is one of the services that stand out for supplying these with an almost perfect record.

Accuracy of information

Instant Checkmate gathers their information from public databases and records. While this means that you can also search these by yourself, their service makes it faster and easier for you to do so. Data searched through them are arranged in a neat report that is delivered instantly as you request.

Examples of information that can be searched through the service include marriage records, criminal records, current address, and contact numbers.

To test the accuracy of the background check service, a test was conducted between three people to look for wrong or inaccurate information that may be reported. Factors to be reviewed include a phone number, addresses, relative, and e-mail accounts. Other factors include court judgments, marriages, criminal records, work history, and social media account.

Reports came out positive albeit with some inaccuracies. The most important information including e-mail address and contact numbers are almost perfect. Work employment history and addresses are also very reliable. Marriages, in particular, was reported perfectly.

Instant Checkmate has a false information flagging function that allows you to report a certain wrong detail about a person. This helps them avoid making mistakes in the future.


The pricing for Instant Checkmate is average among its competitors. They offer a 5-day trial offer for $1.00 which allows you to test out its feature for a low price. A one-month membership is priced at $22.86 per month. A three-month membership is priced at $14.86 per month. A 6-month membership is priced at $9.86 per month. The company provides lower prices if you plan to pursue longer plans. A one-time PDF fee of $1.99 is also charged.

The service has different pricing for Premium reports. It is priced at $19.99 per report. A Premium report is best used for those who have more information to their name. Additional information that may be searched using this type of report include: civil judgements, watercraft owned, corporate affiliations, UCC filings, voter registration, properties owned, old phone numbers, tax liens, email addresses, old phone numbers, professional licenses, hunting permits, weapon permits, foreclosures, criminal records, aircraft owned, and a lot more.

As seen in the additional information, this type of report isn’t necessary for those using the service for basic purposes like employment and loaning. It is not also not guaranteed that you will necessarily have more information even after availing for a Premium report as it will still depend on available data.


Instant Checkmate is best used by long-term users who will regularly make background checks. The information it provides is mostly accurate and timely. It is not recommended for casual users who plan to use the service for less than five times, though.