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How much do you have to pay for Truthfinder?

Matt Avatar By: Matt | Last updated August 5, 2019

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Online background check services are also called public records search services and are a popular method to easily find out information about almost anyone in this world. Internet is a great tool when it comes to digging data about a person, even ourselves.

How do online background check services work?

Online background check services such as TruthFinder work by collecting huge amounts of data found in public records from various sources. That information is organized into an easy to read report (usually in a timeline) that is presented to you online. There is a wide variety of sources used by public records search services: county records, federal and state records, social media sources, deep web information and more.

The beauty of these services is that they generate these reports in a matter of minutes and use hundreds of millions of available records. If you’d have to do this entire job by yourself, you’d waste a lot of time to be able to obtain the same results.

Once the report is generated, you can only access it after you pay for it. Most background check services work based on a membership that can differ from service to service.

How much do you have to pay for TruthFinder?

As far as TruthFinder goes, the service has two types of subscriptions and two types of reports. The subscriptions are: the one-month subscription, which costs $27.78/month and the 3-month subscription, which is priced at $26/month.

There are also two types of reports available: the standard report and the premium report. The standard report includes more basic information on the person you are looking for: contact details, aliases, relatives, criminal records, employment and education history, sex offender data, social media profile/s. The premium report adds more comprehensive information such as assets of the person, including real estate and so on, drug tests, weapon permits, business affiliations, bankruptcies and more.

When you sign up for TruthFinder, you get to choose between one of the two subscriptions. Both of them give you access to an unlimited number of standard reports for that period of time (one month or three months, depending on the subscription you choose). If you want a more complex picture of the person you are looking for, you can upgrade to the premium report, for an additional $17.47.

TruthFinder can also be used from your smartphone because it is mobile-friendly. It has an app that works with iOS and Android devices alike.

Is the TruthFinder service any good?

The TruthFinder service is a trust-worthy and safe online service. It has an excellent rating with the Better Business Bureau (an A+) and around 15,000 five star ratings on Google Play.

This service is also accurate and easy to read, because the information is well organized and displayed in a timeline.

As for the security concerns, TruthFinder uses 128-bit encryption and an SSL certificate to ensure the safety of your online data.

TruthFinder is a great and quick search tool that can help you get information on anyone you like from acquaintances and colleagues, to old friends, former classmates, potential dates and even yourself, if you want to see what kind of information is publicly available about you on the internet.